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Here is a great article with suggestions on how to get more movement into your life from Dr. Carolyn Dean at RnA ReSet

A little bit of movement is good for everybody.

There’s an old Asian saying to the effect of, “a body without movement is like standing water, moldy, spoiled and rotten.” We’re designed to move our bodies through space. Unless you are entirely bedridden, there is always some way to get in a bit of movement, which you can build upon little by little.

One of the reasons we may have a psychological block to exercise is that we think we must devote a single, large chunk of our day to it. Where can anyone find a half hour or an hour to do anything more than what we’re doing now?

But what if you put in a few minutes here and there? That’s right, they all add up!

In fact, research shows that several 5-minute sessions of heightened activity followed by rest may be more beneficial than a whole hour of exercise.
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Great video: Dr. Mercola and Dr. Bush on Soil Microbes

Soil Microbes and Intercellular Communication… what a concept!

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Zach Bush

A very interesting video interview with a doctor who found that what he was taught in medical school was not what was needed to help people.

His epiphany led him to soil science. Deficiencies are caused by food not having the proper nutrients.

The soil is getting decimated. People need to wake up.


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I can remember doing breathing exercises in the original courses I took way back when from Tony Robbins. This seems to be a hugely amplified version.

Great stuff!

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Sinus problems and fungus

Do you have sinus problems? Sinus problems that have been with you a long time? I do…  A lot of people I know do.

I’ve long believed that my sinus problems are related to a fungal imbalance in my body and the presence of mycotoxins triggering immune responses that wreak havoc from time to time.

If you have heard of Doug Kaufman and Know the Cause you most likely have been made aware of all the connections that our medical conditions and lifestyle may have with yeast and mold and fungus.

Me personally, I have had a lot of anti-biotics prescribed for problems I’ve had ranging from sinus, to acne to colds and pneumonia to name a few.

Doug Kauffman suggests that when the good bacteria is out of balance it allows for fungi to get out of balance and take over and get into your system. Sinuses are one of the places the fungi like to live.

This theory goes beyond just one guy spreading the word about the connection between sinus infections and fungus and mycotoxins. In fact even the Mayo Clinic has a study that supports the position that more often than not, sinus infections involve mold and fungus in our bodies.

So I was trying to dig up some info to support this theory and found a ton of interesting stuff to share with you.

I found a lot of research that is eye opening! I also found a lot of weird traditional medicine stuff that ignores this possibility and even goes so far as to suggest solutions that are known to aggravate fungal infections. Bad advice as the oft prescribed antibiotics may actually help a sinus infection stay with you longer.

A lot of the articles indicate that many, if not most sinus problems involve mold, fungus and mycotoxins.

One study by the Mayo Clinic is often cited that indicates a high percentage of sinus problems involves “allergic fungal sinusitis”.

That sounds like fungus is involved with the sinuses, right?

I’ll drop a few quotes and then the links so you can read up on this yourself. If you are interested in finding out more info about fungus and sinus problems and want solutions other than traditional medicine offer, you’ll be very happy at the possible solutions proposed.

Read about the Blood Stream Formula

Mayo Clinic – they know about fungus – so should doctors.

Read this and tell me if you still think fungus is not involved in a lot of the sinus problems that people have.

Mayo Clinic researchers have proposed that most chronic sinus infections may be caused by an immune system response to fungi.

Article in Mayo Clinic Proceedings

“Many studies at Mayo Clinic have added evidence to the thinking that chronic rhinosinusitis is caused by an immune reaction to fungi in the nose. Our original study linking chronic rhinosinusitis to fungi in the nose, which was published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings in September 1999, has been reproduced and confirmed by a sinus center in Europe (ENT University Hospital in Graz, Austria). There are currently 16 studies at Mayo Clinic Rochester to further investigate the role of fungi in inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract. – Antibiotics do not help chronic sinusitis in the long run because they target bacteria, which are not usually the cause of chronic sinusitis.”

Read the Complete Article “Research on Chronic Sinusitus” at

“Fungus allergy was thought to be involved in less than ten percent of cases,” says Dr. Sherris. “Our studies indicate that, in fact, fungus is likely the cause of nearly all of these problems. And it is not an allergic reaction, but an immune reaction.”

> Read full article Mayo Clinic Study Implicates Fungus As Cause Of Chronic Sinusitis

Allergic Fungal Sinusitis (AFS) is now believed to be an allergic reaction to environmental fungi that is finely dispersed into the air. This condition usually occurs in patients with an immunocompetent host (possessing the ability to mount a normal immune response). Patients diagnosed with AFS have a history of allergic rhinitis, and the onset of AFS development is difficult to determine. Thick fungal debris and mucin (a secretion containing carbohydrate-rich glycoproteins) are developed in the sinus cavities and must be surgically removed so that the inciting allergen is no longer present. Recurrence is not uncommon once the disease is removed. Anti-inflammatory medical therapy and immunotherapy are typically prescribed to prevent AFS recurrence. – A 1999 study published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings asserts that allergic fungal sinusitis is present in a significant majority of patients diagnosed with chronic rhinosinusitis. The study found 96 percent of the study subjects with chronic rhinosinusitis to have a fungus in cultures of their nasal secretions. In sensitive individuals, the presence of fungus results in a disease process in which the body’s immune system sends eosinophils (white blood cells distinguished by their lobulated nuclei and the presence of large granules that attract the reddish-orange eosin stain) to attack fungi, and the eosinophils irritate the membranes in the nose. As long as fungi remain, so will the irritation.”

> Read complete article on Fungal Sinusitis

Mayo Clinic Study Implicates Fungus As Cause Of Chronic Sinusiti

“It is wise to work “with” your doctor when using alternative therapies. But, there may be a much less invasive and less expensive way to approach your sinus problems. The Mayo Clinic often prescribes “anti-fungal” medications to sinus patients because they’ve found that those who suffer from sinustitis have a fungal overgrowth in their sinus cavities.”

> Read the complete article Sinus is Fungus

Mold and our Respiratory System

“Recall that in 1999, one year before my book came out, The Mayo Clinic published that 96% of all chronic sinusitis was due to fungus. I first made that discovery when I was working in the office of G. Howard Gottschalk, MD in Los Angeles after returning home from Vietnam. I began asking the pharmacist if he would crush up 2 Nystatin anti-fungal pills to a fine pulp and mix them with salt water, thereby creating a nasal spray. For patients with allergies, this seemed to work great, although we were all confused as to why it was working. Surely fungus couldn’t be causing allergies… could it? A mere 28 years later, we had our answer! Just so you understand, there is no hurry to discovery “the cause” of anything in medicine when it is so profitable to hush the symptoms for 4-12 hours daily.”

> Read more about Doug Kauffman’s take on The Human Respiratory System

And last but not least – here is a n article from Dr. Mercola who points out that fungus may be the cause of our sinus problems

“And despite constant treatment with antibiotics, many people’s sinusitis continues to return. According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, not only is sinusitis one of the most expensive disorders in the United States, but also its prevalence is on the rise, indicating that the common treatment methods are not getting to the root of the problem. So what is the root of the problem? Researchers have found that most cases of chronic sinusitis are not caused by infection but are actually an immune disorder caused by fungus.”

> read the full article Fungus May be Causing Your Sinus Infections

Well – that should be enough to open your mind to support the theories that sinus infections are somehow related to fungus. While we don’t have very specific answers – it makes sense that something that is often improved by treatments involving anti-fungals may in some way be related to fungus getting into our bodies.

Even though we know that the solutions are often anti-fungal in nature – there is no one easy button to push to solve problems like sinus and respiratory issues, but it does seem that a long term committment to a change in lifestyle is required.

Careful attention to what you eat and don’t eat is helpful, especially reducing and/or eliminating sugar and grains and carbs, as well as avoiding high risk foods commonly contaminated with fungal mycotoxins.

I hope if nothing else this discussion will open up the dialogue and help people try some anti-fungal foods and herbs as well as vitamins. It can only help!

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Can you pass me that tasty Roundup TM Corn please?

Boy – in case you aren’t already sold that corn is universally contaminated with mold and mycotoxins, then you gotta do a little reading on what is called ROUNDUP READY CORN.

It’s crazy but this corn is actually RESISTANT to the ROUNDUP chemicals by Monsanto which means that farmers can spray the hell out of their corn fields with Roundup and kill every living thing nearby except the corn.

I don’t know about you – but that can’t be good for people who end up eating that corn… and it can’t be good for animals that eat the corn… and it can’t be good for the people eating the animals that ate the corn and on and on…

There are studies to support the dangers of this corn, but of course there is resistance to the studies and even accusations the data was manipulated to be against Monsanto.

I don’t know about you, but it should NOT take a scientist to tell you that eating anything that has been sprayed with roundup chemicals might have harmful effects. That seems logical that we know Roundup is made to kill things, right? That is the purpose of Roundup. Kill pests.

And since so much food out there is sprayed with it – you almost can’t escape eating food with the Roundup chemicals.

“Corn is universally contaminated by mold” – it’s already bad food.

Hey – corn in general is already dangerous because it is often contaminated with mold, which produces mycotoxins which is not good for our health (just a feeling – we need some studies on this!).

But then when you consider the chemicals are blasted at the corn to kill anything nearby that might want to mess with it – well – that’s a tipping point no one can evade… or can they?

Do me a favor before you try to run and hide from this stuff – read the articles and study linked here.

You need to at least consider that this stuff could be harmful to our health.

Read this excerpt from NPR

“Roundup Ready is a line of gene-modified seeds that inoculate plants against a herbicide, Roundup, also made by Monsanto, that kills just about everything else.

“There’s nothing like Roundup. A monkey could farm with it,” Ulrich says.

“Ever since they’ve come out with the Roundup Ready trait and that became popular and basically took over farming, we’ve seen significant increases every single year,” Ulrich says.

Ulrich says his seed costs shot up almost 50 percent last year. That’s because farmers are contractually prohibited from saving seeds and planting them the following year.

Farmers face lawsuits if they try to save and replant the genetically modified seed because they don’t own the technology. While they bristle at that, they love the Roundup Ready seed.

‘Amazing Amount Of Leverage’

More than 9 out of 10 soybean seeds carry the Roundup Ready trait. It’s about the same for cotton and just a little lower for corn.” – Exceprt from:

More on Roundup ready corn:
It’s not just corn!


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Your immune system is mainly in your digestive system.

That’s why probiotics can help improve your health in so many ways as it clears the wa for your immune system to work properly.

Here is a great article I just ran across from Frank Jordan describing the Immune System called Where are My Immune Cells

“Immune cells comprise about 1/5 of your body’s 20 trillion cells”

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FUPO is here again!

Man – you can apply FUPO to almost anything and it seems there is often a connection! Especially when the traditional medical explanations and prescribed drugs fail.


What is the cause of the problem? Well – it could be fungus!

So here I am wondering about gout.

A good friend of mine recently revealed he had issues with gout and it made me ask myself the question – could gout be caused by yeast and fungal issues???

FUPO says yes – until proven otherwise. So I searched for info to support this theory that fungus in some way could be tied to gout flareups.

What is gout? It’s a kind of arthritis with pain from inflammation.

If I had more time I’d research it better and do something more profound – but for now I will share some a few basic thoughts and some links that are worth checking out.

I’ve personally been battling systemic fungal issues myself and I’m pretty convinced that yeast and fungus and mycotoxins are the root cause of most problems.

I’m on the path towards cleaning up the stuff in my body and have learned a lot from the guy that came up with FUPO – “fungus until proven otherwise”.  That Doug Kauffman is the guy who started this FUPO thing with Kyle Drew helping spread the term.

So does FUPO apply? Is gout caused by fungus and mycotoxins? Is there a fungal origin? Is the cause fungus?

I’m pretty convinced that Arthritis and Gout are directly related to having mycotoxins in the body from fungus and systemic yeast issues.

Here are a few links I found as I was looking into the connection between yeast fungus and gout. The stufff is eye opening and could be applied to so much more than gout! Fungus has it’s hand in many common ailments.

This first article I linked is eye opening and says:

“Nearly every medical school in the country teaches its students gout is caused by uric acid… So he stated that uric acid was not the cause of pain experienced by gout patients…. They found that uric acid is more than likely of fungal origin”.

Read the full article:

Candida Albicans and gout

“Candida Albicans is caused by overeating sugar, refined carbohydrates, and yeasty foods; by drinking alcohol; by undereating fibre (mainly found in fruit and vegetables).Candida Albicans is also caused by taking too many antibiotics and NSAIDs. Excessive yeast, which builds up over years,drives out the beneficial bacteria so that the large intestine does not work as well in digesting food. Purines therefore are not broken down efficiently into uric acid, and uric acid’s removal is impaired.”

Read the full article:

Sugar and alcohol and yeast containing foods are often the causes of gout flare ups.

“Within a few hours of ingesting sugar my big left toe feels stiff and aches, sometimes the ache goes up my leg. Sometimes my neck, my hands or my other leg hurts. I’ve noticed other symptoms that seem to be directly related to sugar…..and/or refined grains. I can’t seem to eat sugar or white flour (they are usually eaten in combination) without a yeast infection, and I can count on it disappearing in a day or two when I stop eating sugar/refined crap–100% of the time.”

Read the full article:

Doug Kauffman Know The Cause Newsletter – knows a thing or 2 about yeast and gout.

“Bakers and brewers yeast is commonly called Saccharomyces cerevisiae. For thousands of years this species of yeast has been used to make breads and alcohol. In the case of alcohol, during a process called fermentation, yeast and carbohydrates are slowly converted to alcohol. Mind you, not only am I the guy to bring you “Phase 1” eating, but I’m also the guy who taught you to be very careful of eating, or drinking, yeast. I told you that way back in 1963, Dr. Svlia published an incredible article that taught us how brewers yeast produces the very caustic uric acid, purportedly the cause of gout (but now you know better since you know where the uric acid comes from).”

Read the full article:

Some interesting info about gout and anti-fungal supplements like Olive Leaf Extract.

“Humans have used olive leaf extract for centuries to treat such conditions as gout, malaria, fever, and hemorrhoids. And as early as the 1900s, the leaves were also recognized for their antimicrobial properties. The active ingredient in olive leaf extract, called oleuropin, breaks down in the body to become elolenic acid. Elolenic acid is particularly effective against many strong strains of fungi. Olive leaf extract can help to treat fungal-related conditions like influenza, encephalitis, shingles, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, psoriasis, and sinusitis.”

Read more:

Video on sugar cravings and mycotoxins

This dude Elliot is right on! Watch his loud and in your face advice on this youtube video on yeast and mycotoxins and sugar cravings… Thanks dude for helping to loudly spread the word about FUPO!

Watch the video:

I hope you find this information helpful and please remember FUPO

Fungus until proven otherwise!

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The “Natural Flavor” in your processed factory made fast food might just be killing you.

I just learned that almost all processed food contains harmful additives known as exitotoxins, which ironically are allowed to be labeled as “natural flavor” or “natural flavorings” on food labels.

I’m sorry to say that until recently, I’ve been mostly blind to the ingredients I’ve been allowing to be put in my body when I buy food and beverages to eat both at home and in restaurants.

Sure, I’ve been reading ingredients labels more carefully for a few years now, but like most Americans, I have been more trusting than I should. I haven’t really paid much attention to a lot of the stuff I’ve been seeing as listed on the ingredients labels.

I’m human and I have made a lot of bad choices throughout my life as far as diet is concerned. I have blindly consumed all kinds of packaged food trusting that someone must be looking out for me and preventing me from consuming ingredients or chemicals that may be harmful.

Since “corporations are people” – right – the food companies must be concerned that I eat food with the healthiest ingredients, right??? At the very least they only allow “safe ingredients”, right?

And surely “big government” that has so much of a hand in regulating everything we do is protecting us, right?

The truth is – no one can protect you better than yourself. You can’t assume someone else is looking out for you and making sure the food you eat is 100% safe.

The fact is big food and chemical corporations exist to make money and while they certainly don’t want to kill their customers, they may on occasion, make decisions based on squeezing more profits out of the food and beverages they sell to us.

They are companies and are focused on being profitable. Also, people respond favorably to many of the things that can mask what they are really selling to us inside the container or shiny plastic wrappers.

And then consider that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) allows this problem to occur. The FDA categorizes many well documented and scientifically proven harmful ingredients as GRAS aka “Generally Recognized As Safe”.

NO ONE is really looking out for you and making sure you only eat stuff that won’t kill you or contribute to illness or disease.

So what about these excitotoxin things? what are they?

Recently I saw a show on TV that brought exitotoxins to my attention. As you might guess a word with “toxins” indicates “poison” is involved.

Excitotoxins include common food additives you almost can’t help but eat every day, including MSG, aka Monosodium Glutamate, and Aspartame (NutraSweet)

I now realize how serious of a situation it really is with the big food corporations playing dangerous games with our health and trying to fool us into a false sense of security by hiding poisons in the food.

The guest on the show was a neurosurgeon by the name of Russell L. Blaylock – the author of the book “Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills”

I found a lecture he did on Google Videos discussing Excitoxins which is worth watching:

His book page on Amazon has some interesting details and of course a wide range of reviews which are interesting to read in themselves. It seems not everybody wants to believe that there could be anything harmful in our food and would rather be mad at the author for spreading the message. Weird.

While I will not attempt to explain in detail what he was discussing – I will say I was really affected by how common harmful toxic chemicals and poisonous ingredients are working their way into our lives.

Poison in the form of chemicals such as mercury, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, herbicides and insecticides and even foods including “natural flavorings” such as Monosodium Glutamate and NutraSweet, yeast extract, plant protein extract, natural flavors are everywhere.

The FDA even allows the corporations to rename their ingredients and hide them in healthy sounding names even such as “natural flavors” which last night I discovered was in the can of Andersons Split Pea Soup I was holding in my hand.

Here I have been eating food I thought was healthy only to add more of those harmful ingredients into my body.

I guess I now understand better why often people that are really sick will have a complete turnaround by going on a restrictive anti-fungal diet such as Doug Kauffman’s Phase 1 Diet, which does not allow any food that may contain yeast or mycotoxins (another word with toxins in it). The Phase 1 diet starves not only yeast and fungus but it makes sense that eating more wholesome natural foods will help get some of those chemicals and processed food ingredients out of our systems, allowing our bodies to heal in a more natural way.

Well, that’s enough on this – but I do hope I made you aware of some info that could be used to help protect yourself from some of the things that are surely causing many health complications as people just blindly eat what they put in those attractive packages.

If you still want more – I did find another interesting article called Excotoxins and You which is worth reading

Also worth reading

The Slow Poisoning of America

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Not feeling well?

If you have an open mind – OR – if you have become frustrated by traditional medicine not being ale to help you – you may want to consider that the root of your problems are related to fungus.

I just ran into an interesting article in the newest monthly edition of Doug Kaufmann’s Newsletter.

You really need to read the whole thing but this article called “Back To School” has some excellent info.

“When someone has a chronic fungal infection, it is almost always present in the gastrointestinal tract (dysbiosis). Dysbiosis allows proteins, viruses, bacteria and fungi to get into the tissues of the body, which would not ordinarily occur. Your immune system reacts to these “foreign invaders” by setting up an immune response (inflammation). As time goes on, the immune system becomes stressed from the “chronic foreign invasion”. Stress causes your thyroid metabolism to slow down and your adrenal glands to increase the production of cortisol. Increased cortisol production causes the release or production of inflammatory chemicals (cytokines) into the blood stream. This in turn causes more inflammation. Inflammation is the root of most all chronic medical problems. You can probably see where I am going with this. The chronic fungal infection has to be stopped in order to break the cycle of inflammation.”

This is an excerpt from an excellent article by Lynn Jennings MD at the Know The Cause Newsletter

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