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Change Your Breakfast! Here is the info mentioned in the previous blog post about the Gavin Newsom show on Current TV the episode with the guest Tim Ferriss had some controversial info about losing weight.

In case they take down the video I wanted the notes to be available so I quickly wrote down the major points.

The suggestions by Tim sound like they would work.

I noticed his suggestions are actually anti-fungal – yes – especially the one about cinnamon in coffee!

Funny about how it almost always comes back to FUPO

Tim Ferris notes from Gavin Newsom show

Focus on diet not exercise (one thing at a time will have better success)

1. Change your breakfast – get 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up

IDEALLY: Myoplex shake in the morning that provided 42 g of protein


combination of whole eggs, lentils and spinach (takes 3 minutes to make – demonstrated it on youtube)

Very good for accelerating weight loss and muscle gain

2. Coffee

Instead of skim milk or artificial sweeteners use whole fat cream (100%) – it’s the lactose in milk that is bad (skim milk not good or artificial)

Try 1 to 2 teaspoons or tablespoons of cream in coffee instead of milk and try cinammon instead of a sweetener.

Easy to switch. That one change between 2 to 4 extra pounds of weight loss per week.

Insulin spikes otherwise last for hours.

3. Take one day off per week and go ballistic – pasta – pizza ok. Far less damage by spreading it out. Also helps with downshifting of thyroid.


Don’t restrict or count calories but pick sources more carefully.

Wow. That makes so much sense.

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I’ve been watching the Gavin Newsom show on Current TV for a few weeks now and must say he has very interesting guests and delivers show after show of inspiring interviews.

You may think that Gavin Newsom, the former mayor of San Francisco would be very political and a crazy liberal but his show is about the guests and not him. He skillfully asks questions of experts and visionaries and gets great information from his guests who for the most part are talking about big subjects like the future, solving problems, entrepreneurship and the direction of technology and NOT simply talking about politics or fighting over what’s right or wrong.

It’s refreshing to see his guests talk with enthusiasm and optimism about the future.

The main reason the show works so well and is so motivating is that Gavin asks excellent questions and then gives the guests room to answer. 

We don’t get bombarded with the typical ego driven counter arguments and opinions of the hosts which are so common on talking head shows.

It’s clearly not just about what Gavin thinks or his opinions, but more specifically is about learning from the guests and getting to the bottom of what they know and are writing and working on.

Very refreshing flow of information and extremely motivating. You can tell the guests are thrilled to be able to talk about what they’re passionate about.

It’s nice to hear intelligent open minded people with vision like Sergey Brin, Kara Swisher, Brian David Johnson, Vinod Khosla, Tim Ferriss and Elon Musk to name a few,  expand on what they have been saying or writing about, and reveal the things they often never get the chance to share on typical tv talk show appearances.

Give the Gavin Newsom show on Current tv a shot! Open your mind and listen like Gavin is doing!

The latest episode featured a great lineup of guests. The first one, bestselling author and cutting edge motivator Tim Ferriss discusses among other things how starting the day with a breakfast that gives you at least 30 grams of protein within the fisrt 30 minutes of your day will help you lose a lot more weight.

Interesting stuff.

There is a video replay at:

I’ll watch it again and transcribe the major points in a post to follow in case the post disappears.

> Here are the NOTES from the video with Tim Ferriss

It’s up now, so go watch it and in the future tell your DVR to record the Gavin Newson Show on Current TV. If it continues to be as good as it has been – we’ll all benefit greatly!

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Do we really need to be afraid of grain? YES!

It’s Safe Grain Handling awareness time and I think you’ll agree in a minute or two after reading some of this that I am not over reacting. This is a real danger!

It’s time to take a serious look at grains and how they may causing all kinds of serious health issues.

The main issue I am focusing on is contamination – there are other things too – but I’m most concerned with the toxins that grains expose us to.

Grains are commonly contaminated with mold and fungus and it’s a serious health issue.

Grains are stored in silos which are known to have mold and fungus.

Contaminated grains from the silos pass on this toxic stuff to animals and humans.

Don’t believe it – or maybe you’re a natural skeptic… Well – let’s take a look at the information I just stumbled upon for “Organic Dust Toxicity Syndrome” aka ODTS – which is a fairly common illness affecting farmers. It’s also called “Grain Fever”.

Man – if that doesn’t make you stand up and pay attention – I don’t know what will! I didn’t make up this GRAIN FEVER Thing! It’s really called that!

So – let’s take a step back and cover more of the bases and see how I came to this wild grain fever thing and my claims about grains and fungus being part of a major health concern.

OK – so I am pretty aware of candidaiasis (candida), fungus, mold and mycotoxins and have long been concerned about the negative impact from them. 

I am amazed at how common mold and fungus related health issues are and I do my best to share this info with people who want to learn and listen.

Suprisingly a lot of people don’t want to know about fungus and mycotoxins or even consider them as posing a threat.

It’s not only an environmental thing – airborne and such – but fungus is also in the food we eat. More so than you may realize.

That’s too bad because this mold and fungus thing is more prevalent than we may realize and is almost impossible to escape.

I was just doing some online research looking up CLA Conjugated Linoleic Acid when I ran into some alarming and disturbing info on grains and toxins which led me to find even more crazy stuff on mold and eventually I ended up at this Safe Grain Handling article (I’ll share that in a minute!).

CLA apparently is an essential nutrient found in meat and dairy.

I’m not an expert on it – but I will summarize some of what I learned… Let’s just say CLA Conjugated Linoleic Acid is generally accepted as very good for you and has many health benefits including helping to reduce fat and create more lean muscle tissue, prevent cancers and maybe even prevent diabetes. Theres more, but for now let’s just focus on how CLA is good for us humans and it is healthy to have more CLA in our diets.

But that appears to be a problem. And it’s partly the blame of grains (oh not again – leave them grains alone!)

Apparently over the years the amount of CLA Conjugated Linoleic Acid in meat and dairy has been declining. Not so much in free range or grass fed animals – but CLA has significantly decreased in those mass assembly line style farms that feed cows low budget stuff they would not naturally eat on their own.

Cows like to graze in pastures and eat grass.

They don’t naturally eat corn or other grains or processed grain sludge.

The animals that eat grains have LESS CLA (and Omega 3 and other nutrients as well).

Factory produced cows and animals that we eat meat from are simply not giving us the same nutritional value that grass fed or free range animals provide.

That’s bad enough – but not only do they have less CLA because they eat grains instead of grass – but the grains cause other problems – not to mention hormones and anti-biotics which further create issues and pose health concerns.

I found this alarming and as I was studying CLA I came across more and more info on the meat thing – the way factory farms raise animals and how meat is processed and such.

I ran across this thing called silage. That’s one of the cheap grain stews they feed animals in place of grass.

I never heard of silage – but my guess is it has something to do with silos and to me – that word is synonymous with mold and fungus.

Here is the actual quote from wikipedia:

“meat and dairy products from grass-fed animals can produce 300-500% more CLA than those of cattle fed the usual diet of 50% hay and silage, and 50% grain.”

Silage… that sounds scary… I wonder what that is.

I was especially intrigued because one of my health mentors Mr. Doug Kauffman of Know The Cause often speaks about silos and grain being contaminated with molds and fungus and contributing to the spreading of mycotoxins.

So I look up silage and to make a long story short I start to come across some weird stuff about handling grains safely.

Farmers Lung is a big problem apparently. And so is this Organic Dust Toxicity Syndrome.

Isn’t that an odd thought?

Why would anyone have to be concerned about handling grain safely or in a certain way???

The reason is – handling grain is DANGEROUS!

It’s crazy I know… but farmers have to be really careful around grains – especially stored grains!

You’d think the farmers would have enough health concerns just from all the toxic Roundup type pest killing chemicals used in farming – how could handling grain be a health threat???

It appears that the way they store grains in silos and such causes mold and fungus and toxins to develop at such a high rate that that we have these common health issues among people who handle the grain.

So my thinking is – this goes beyond the safety of people who handle it – what about the people and animals that CONSUME the grain???

The processed grain garbage they make – silage – or whatever they call it – they feed this crap to cows and such because it’s cheap and it makes them fat and they make more money.

But the cows are not getting the nutirents they normally would. Grass would give them more of what they need to thrive.

Grains do not help make healthy thriving cows!

And then consider they (the animals) are being exposed to this toxic sludge and all the fungus and mold and mycotoxins that are affecting the farmers and grain handlers with Grain Fever or Farmers Lung or Organic Dust Toxicity Syndrome – these animals are being slaughtered in an assembly line and the nutrition they are passing on is not only less than stellar – it’s possibly toxic and dangerous.

Yes – I know it’s hard to believe that mycotoxins can be passed on in meat from cows fed this processed grain scraps – but that is exactly what is happening.

You are what you eat, right?

The food you eat impacts your health, right?

Shouldn’t you be concerned about this?

We’re not getting all the nutrients we would get from grass fed cows (like CLA) and on top of that we’re being fed posionous mycotoxins because the grain the cows eat contains mold and fungus and who knows what else.

I don’t know about you – but that makes me angry.

We just let these big farm factory meat companies do whatever they need to do to increase profits.

Shoot up the animals with dangerous hormones and antibiotics and feed them cheap grain garbage. They feed the animals (and even FISH!)  CORN and grain instead of healthy food the animals would normally eat and they’re making more money at our expense.

But no one seems to be complaining.

Other than Doug Kauffman and a few others spreading the word about toxins and fungus, I don’t hear anyone shouting or even sharing this information.

We all just eat our factory produced burgers and steaks and drink the processed milk and eat assembly line eggs and such and have no clue to what is really going into our bodies.

We just want cheap food. The cheapest on the shelf is the one most people buy.

So those big companies are making the cheapest food possible so they satisfy our frugle shopping needs.

Well – me – what can I do? What can you do? It seems hopeless.

Me…. I really need to back off on consuming grains – it’s a fact that grains are commonly contaminated.

It would be smart for me to eat less food with grains and maybe even eliminate them from my diet completely.

And as far as meats – I will make a serious effort to find more grass fed and free range meat when possible.

I already eat less meat than in the past – I just need to make sure I eat higher quality meats from farmers that do more of the right things.

There are companies and farmers out there that are doing things the right way.

It’s time to find them and support them and maybe that wiill help drive out some the mass produced garbage from the marketplace.

We can vote with our wallets.

It actaully does work. People will often buy alternatives if they have a choice.

The otherday for example I was at In N Out Burger (I know!) and I saw a kid walk in with his own bottle of Organic Ketchup which had ZERO corn syrup in it!

Ketchup is notorious for having toxic corn syrup swetener crap in it by the way.

Right on! Smart kid! I buy that same organic ketchup by the way. It tastes great! As good or better than brands with corn syrup in it. It does cost slightly more though.

That’s the kind of stuff we need to do.

If there is an alternative we need to buy it!

Maybe some day those packets of ketchup will all NOT have corn syrup.

Corn is a grain by the way that is often contaminated with fungus!

High Fructose Corn Syrup is a great example of a toxic grain ingredient that is in almost everything. It’s so cheap for them to mass produce and use in place of sugar or other sweeteners that are healthier.

Corn Syrup is extremely unhealthy and more and more people are looking for products that DO NOT have it.

Some of the manufacturers are responding! I’ve even seen labels that brag they don’t have the corn syrup! That’s progress!

So – while it may seem hopeless and such a large problem – there are easy ways we can help.

Try to keep an open mind and if you have options – try to chip in and help the cause and drive out the unhealthy meats and products that have garbage ingredients or overly processed crap.

Eventually – someone with a calculator at the big factory will notice the decline in sales. At least I hope they do!

OK – so I hope you were affected as profoundly by that stuff as I was. I’ll provide links to the articles I ran across so you too can get a more complete picture. It’s really worth investigating this stuff. It affects our health much more than we realize.

Here are the links:
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Well, here it is Saturday, August 18, 2007. This morning when I weighed myself it was the 11th time in the 13 day nutritional program.

I have 2 more days and it ends on Monday the 2oth.

So far in the 11 days of eating only whole food and uncooked food I have lost 7 pounds. Oddly enough – this morning when I weighed myself I actually went up a pound.

It’s strange watching my weight fluctuate each day and sometimes it seems there is no rhyme or reason.

Some days it goes down a lot… a little… not at all and even go up.

Is it because of the avocado or the raw nuts??? But when I skip them it goes up??? No reason…

I weigh myself the same time each morning immediately after I wake up. That way it should be relative to each time I weigh myself.

I never did drop coffee 100% as I planned, however I am drinking a watered down 1/2 cup each day with nothing added. So if nothing else I have eliminated the non-dairy fake creamer I had been using (Hazelnut…hmmmm).

I’m not sure exactly how much I will keep eliminated after this Tuesday.

My basic thoughts are that I will basically keep on the same “non-processed foods” diet with the exception that I will eat out a few days each week for dinner.

Of course I’ll try to eat healthy foods, but I am already planning on a burger and Persian food so I know I’ll be eating cooked meat at least occasionally.

Most likely I will get back on this program within a week, as I’d like to drop 10 or more pounds.

While it’s only been 7 pounds so far I have had a few people ask if I lost weight, so it’s good to know my appearance is changing.

My goal is 20 to 30 pounds total so I still have 13 to 23 pounds to go before I am at the target weight of 172.

When I hit that I’ll be able to take a nice break and not worry so much about whether I am gaining or losing.
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Well, it’s Saturday which means this morning was the 4 day mark (5th day on plan). I weighed myself this morning and I am down to 198.5 from the 202 starting point.

I have been able to stick to the program 100% and have not had any cooked or processed food.

The only exception is coffee and it is so weak I barely can taste it! No headaches yesterday either, so maybe I am weaning myself off coffee!

I feel great and have not had any problems.
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Well, here I am on Friday morning, August 10th, 2007. It’s the beginning of my 4th day since starting the “13 day whole food nutritional event” on Tuesday.

I lost my first pound yesterday morning ( I weigh my self each morning after I get up) and another this morning. So I am down from my starting weight of 202 to 200. That’s 2 pounds in 3 days (technically the 3rd day was this morning and I am now in my 4th day).

My personal goal for the 13 days is 10 – 20 pounds. 10 would be nice – 20 would be great!

Plus I’ll keep on a modified whole food plan and hopefully continue to lose a few pounds after the 13 days!

I have been strictly following the program and have not had any cooked, processed food since Monday the day before I began.

The only exception is coffee which I have reduced drastically. So much in fact that yesterday afternoon I developed a slight headache that came and went sporadically. By night time it was pretty intense. I was very tempted to take an asiprin but resisted.
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Yesterday on August 7th, I began a whole new nutritional program. A “13 Day Nutritional Event”.

I’ve been studying raw food – whole food and have been meaning to get more committed to avoiding eating some of the junk I have regularly been putting in my body.

Raw Food – aka – Whole Food aka Live Food… it’s very misunderstood. At least when I talk to people about it, it is.

Maybe I have not found the proper approach. First off – “RAW” in itself makes most people take a step back and go ooouuuuwww. That’s why maybe it’s more appropriate to call it Whole Food. Whole Food Nutrition.

The general idea is to avoid food that are overly processed and/or filled with artificial ingredients…. taking it a step further the food we eat should ideally be LIVE in the sense that it contains the maximum amount of the nutritional benefits the food provides.

When food is cooked – it kills the good stuff. Enzymes among other things.

I’ll spare the long explanation as that deserves a full article on it’s own, but if you are interested in learning more about getting the most from the food you eat I suggest a great book by Carol Alt called “Eating in the Raw – a beginner’s guide to getting slimmer, feeling healthier, and looking younger the raw-food way”.

The book has an introduction by Nicholas J. Gonzales M.D. that explains it better than Ihave ever heard it explained before.

In a nutshell the good doctor goes on to provide proof and evidence that enzymes are perhaps among the most important factors in keeping us healthy. You really should get this book if nothing else just for the foreward as it will no doubt have a great impact on how you think about cooked processed foods.

The doctor states that at around 106-107 degrees enzymes in food begin deteriorating and that above 116 degrees they become “completely inactive”. As the doc points out so succinctly “that’s why fevers above 107 degrees F are generally deadly”.

Hmmm… that kind of puts things in perspective, but as I said I’ll spare the long story.

Let’s just say I have been doing a lot of research myself on nutrition and numerous books and studies make a great case that cooked foods and processed and refined foods are what is causing the upsurge in obesity and illness in the U.S.A. and around the world.
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