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The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer is the one book I would heartily suggest to everybody if there could only be one suggestion! I have both the book and the audio version. It’s great to hear Wayne Dyer reading the book. It can really get your day started off the right way!

Learn to Be a Connector

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A person who lives in a state of unity with the Source of all life doesn’t look any different from ordinary folks. These people don’t wear a halo or dress in special garments that announce their godlike qualities. But when you notice that they go through life as the lucky ones who seem to get all the breaks, and when you begin to talk to them, you realize how distinctive they are compared to people living at ordinary levels of awareness. Spend a few moments in conversation with these people who are connected to the power of intention and you see how unique they are.

These people, whom I call connectors to signify their harmonious connection with the field of intention, are individuals who have made themselves available for success. It’s impossible to get them to be pessimistic about achieving what they desire in their lives. Rather than using language that indicates that their desires may not materialize, they speak from an inner conviction that communicates their profound and simple knowing that the universal Source supplies everything.

They don’t say, With my luck things won’t work out. Instead, you’re much more likely to hear something like, I intend to create this and I know it will work out. No matter how you might attempt to dissuade them by pointing out all the reasons why their optimism ought to be curtailed, they seem blissfully blind to reality-check repercussions. It’s almost as if they’re in a different world, a world in which they can’t hear the reasons why things won’t work out.

Amazon ImageIf you engage them in conversation about this idea, they simply say something like, I refuse to think about what can’t happen, because I’ll attract exactly what I think about, so I only think about what I know will happen. It doesn’t matter to them what’s happened before. They don’t relate to the concepts of failure or it’s impossible. They simply, without fanfare, are unaffected by reasons for being pessimistic. They’ve made themselves available for success, and they know and trust in an invisible force that’s all-providing. They’re so well connected to the all-providing Source that it’s as if they have a natural aura preventing anything from getting through that might weaken their connection to the creative energy of the power of intention.

Connectors appreciate the world and everything in it. The same connection that they experience with nature they feel toward all beings, including those who lived before and those who have yet to arrive. They have a consciousness of the oneness, and therefore they make no distinctions such as them or those other people. To a connector, it is all we. If you could observe their inner world, you’d discover that they’re hurt by pain inflicted on others. They don’t have the concept of enemies, since they know that all of us emanate from the same divine Source. They enjoy the differences in the appearance and customs of others rather than disliking, criticizing, or feeling threatened by them. Their connection to others is of a spiritual nature, but they don’t separate themselves spiritually from anyone regardless of where they might live or how different their appearances or customs may be from their own. In their heart, connectors feel an affinity to all of life, as well as to the Source of all of life.

You can read this and more inspiring words from Wayne in his best-selling book, The Power of Intention.

I also have The Secrets of Power of Intention CD Set and it’s also amazing. I highly suggest getting it too!

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Word of Mouth – Testimonials

Word of mouth – the ultimate converter!

It’s amazing how powerful of an impact a personal reference or a testimonial can have on propelling a customer’s decision making process and create an action. They dig the product so much they want to say so in writing (or in video!)

I recently took some of the emails I had received from members and created a Blogging Underground testimonial page. It has been very effective and has actually prompted many more new testimonials!

Word of mouth is very convincing. It applies to the movies and also to business people looking to make solid decisions.

If you have a product people are digging – I highly suggest compiling your feedback into a testimonial section!

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Web Publishing for Newbies

I just wrote an article on web publishing for newbies!

Sometimes you just need a little push to get the momentim going!

How hard is it to fail? Not easy! It’s frightening for some! But I am telling you loud and clear that you need to fail at least a little ebfore you start achieving success!

This is ecpecially true for beginner web publishers! Yu need to start practicing and be wlling to fail or do things half right before you become a master!

Read the full article on web publishing

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Seizing Moments of Clarity Equals Success

You know, it’s crazy how many great ideas I get. I’m an idea guy and I am constantly having those “a-ha moments”. Very often I feel that I have come across a winning concept that I truly understand and can embrace to the point of squeezing actual bonafide results from my efforts.

But you know what… those fleeting moments may seem like GOLD and guaranteed success at the time I am thinking about or develoing the concept or idea, but I have found that regardless of how much I have scribbled on paper and/or documented in text files and such, it is almost impossible to recreate the exact MAGIC that captivated and inspired at that moment in time AFTER THE FACT.

Sure, I’ll often keep a folder of notes and I have successfully developed ideas that have been big money makers or succeses… I’m not saying it can’t be done BUT what I just realized is that when I have my moments of clarity and feel like I have not only found a winner, but truly feel I am on top of it, that “connection” is unique and a special gift that should be immediately seized and acted upon instead of being filed away for future use.

Some days I have so many of these “connections” that I could never properly develop the ideas, so I don’t have much choice other than to try and document the flavor of the experience as best I can so I might be able to reignite the spark some time in the future.

It’s hard to describe how it feels and what happens, but I suspect that many of you, if not all of you have those moments of clarity and you too have a special connection with a thought or idea. It can only be described as a stream of consciusness that seems to flow from a place that is connected in an unexplainable way.

I’ve heard Wayne Dyer talk about this. In fact, he describes the way he has written some of his more recent books and basically he puts pen to paper and the ideas flow and come out of a place he describes better than I can ever do myself.

But the point is it comes from somewhere and often can’t be properly explained.

This does happen to me a lot. Whether it is an artistic expression or a literary expression or some kind of a marketing or business idea that suddenly makes so much sense.

What I need to do is try to further develop these things while the iron is hot. But what do you do when you have so many things going on? How do you balance the needs of running an existing business with developing ideas or concepts?

Seizing the moments of clarity surely can hold the key to many great successes and achievements. I just need to start doing this more often rather than adding the idea to my cluttered stack of papers and print outs and such.

I guess it’s a good problem to have – but none the less – I needto start fnishing some of the many things I have started.

Focus on something that is inspiring thoughts and ideas and stick with it to the point of producing something solid and concrete from it. That’s what I need to do!

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Google and the Knol

Success on the internet… Google just came out with a new directory or encyclopedia of sort. It’s called Knol.

I signed up and contributed a knol on Internet Marketing

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Eveything Slows Down in the Summer

Eveything Slows Down in the Summer AND ESPECIALLY around HOLIDAYS!

The July 4th holiday just passed us by and for those of us in the USA that means we’ve mostl ikely been playing around more than working. I admit that happens with me a little, but some people take it to the extreme and basically become inaccessible for days or even weeks surrounding a holiday.

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