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We need to really be more careful about what we’re giving to our pets!

This turned into a longer article than originally intended, as I started to analyze the listed ingredients in the top selling “probiotics” type product I found on

I read the ingredients and was disgusted.

I personally think that this is just one example of many where our pets and us are getting shafted by the big pet food corps that are trying to sell us as much crap as possible to generate easy profits.

It’s really not much different than all the processed foods being sold and all the corners that are being cut in order for them to produce cheap food that is easy to sell and has a huge profit margin.

That’s why I am a fanatical ingredients label reader. I must know what is in the food!

So today I saw this best selling pet health product on amazon that described itself as:

“Purina FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement contains the beneficial microorganisms found naturally in your dog’s digestive system to help manage and shorten episodes of diarrhea. Common causes of diarrhea for dogs and puppies include food changes, antibiotic therapy, and environmental stress.”

I had to take a closer look at it. I first started by looking at the ingredients which are in a photo at the product page on amazon:

Purina Veterinary Diets Fortiflora Canine, 30 Sachets Per Box

If you look at the label and study the ingredients you will see the shitty ingredients.

I do not see where the “flora” are in the ingredients… They say in their description: ”

  • Contains a guaranteed amount of live active cultures”


OK – let’s analyze the ingredients – it’s a top selling high volume product and apparently a LOT of pet owners are feeding their pets this product where the FIRST INGREDIENT LISTED IS: ANIMAL DIGEST

ANIMAL DIGEST….. hmmmm…. is that like “NATURAL FLAVORS”???

What the hell is that? I looked it up and according to wikipedia it’s garbage from animal remains that have not yet undergone “decomposition”.

“Animal digest is a common ingredient used in pet foods. As defined by the Association of American Feed Control Officials, digest is produced by the chemical or enzymatic hydrolysis of clean animal tissue that has not undergone decomposition. These animal tissues may not include hair, horns, teeth, hooves, and feathers, with the exclusion of trace amounts that are unavoidable even after acceptable processing methods.[1]

According to the FDA, a digest is an additive that has been treated with heat, enzymes, or also acids to produce a concentrated product intended as a natural flavoring. Pet food may legally be labelled as “Chicken Flavored” regardless of the percentage of chicken-derived product it contains, so long as the chicken flavoring is deemed “perceptible.”[2]

If a product is labeled as “flavored” by a certain type of meat, the digest it contains must have been produced from tissues pertaining to the listed animal species. Chicken flavored food must be flavored with chicken digest.[1]”

Now – I don’t know about you – but I would not want to give my beloved pet animal parts leftovers – possibly rotting. I don’t care HOW MUCH they treat ANIMAL PARTS with ACID – it’s CRAP and it’s the FIRST INGREDIENT LISTED on this probiotics type health product for dogs.

ANIMAL DIGEST is the FIRST INGREDIENT of a “probiotic flora” product they describe as “beneficial microorganisms found naturally in your dog’s digestive system”

Is it just me or is that a WAR CRIME?

If you want your dog to have better digeston you don’t necessarily want extra ingredients like ground up animal parts that haven’t quite decomposed yet.

Me – I would think a few strains of probiotics would be what the pet needs – not a highly processed packet of animal digest powder.

But then again – this is the kind of thing you’d expect from the big pet food companies who are out to make the most profit on a mass scale with the highest margin.

Grinding up shit that humans can’t be fed and making it into a meal/powder that they sell as an ingredient for pets – to me that’s despicable.

Also – calling it ANIMAL DIGEST in the ingredients HIDES what they have processed and what chemicals they used to process.

Recently my neighbors horse was put to sleep because it had a fast growing cancer tumor. It was put to sleep on a hot Friday and it’s smelly body laid there out in the street in 90 degree + temps until a few days later on a Monday morning when it was picked up.

It smelled awful. It was truly disgusting to se the dead horse much less smell it for days until it was picked up.

The spot where it laid still smells rancid – several weeks after that.

Now what I want to know – is it possible for a horse like that to end up at a meat factory and it’s parts treated to be used and called ANIMAL DIGEST?

I’ve seen a meat factory where they bring in truck loads of dead animals – all kinds – and who knows what they end up in…

ANIMAL DIGEST could be any kind of animal. It could be sick animals. Animals with horns. Who knows…. I find this possibility very disturbing.

What governing agencies are protecting us consumers?

They’re making it too easy for the companies to grind up their animal parts and package that crap as food and health products and hide what the ingredients really are.

So back to the ingredients…

The fact that ANIMAL DIGEST is the first ingredient listed also shows it is the DOMINANT INGREDIENT in the packets. Not the FLORA part.

That expensive powder pack is mostly ground up animal parts. That is why the protein is so high.

If that’s not enough – among the other garbage listed in the ingredients (imagine what is NOT listed) is BREWERS YEAST.

What is BREWERS YEAST doing in a pet product?

They use this crap to make beer. It’s a YEAST. I don’t want my pets getting MORE YEAST – I want them to get LESS YEAST.

I mean IF you are giving your dogs PROBIOTICS there is a good chance you are doing it because they have health issues and my guess it is related to YEAST, MOLD AND FUNGUS.

In particlular the problem is somehow related to MYCOTOXINS (which is what happens to yeast when beer or alcohol is made).

Why include BREWERS YEAST? I will not consume any products that has YEAST listed.

Here is a quote from Doug Kaufmann about brewers yeast as it applies to humans and his antifungal phase 1 diet:

“There are mixed reports regarding the consumption of mushrooms, brewer’s yeast, and kombucha tea. While some studies report their nutritive qualities, other studies speak to their risks. We always monitor the latest research, and our current conclusion is that when one is dealing with fungal issues, it is wise to remove anything from our diets that has fungal components. Therefore, we avoid consuming mushrooms, kombucha, brewer’s yeast, and the like.”

OK next we have the ingredient enterococcus faecium which wikipedia says “may also be pathogenic, causing diseases such as neonatal meningitis or endocarditis.”

Uh… pathogenic????

By the way, according to Merriam Webster the definition of pathonegenic is:

causing or capable of causing disease

Not exactly a vote of confidence.

I think enterococcus faecium is the ONLY active “probiotic” flora type ingredient that makes this product do it’s thing as no other strains are listed in the ingredients – but me personally I would prefer NOT to give my pet something that was potentially pathogenic.

So where are all the live organisms?

There are no other strains of probiotics on the ingredients label other than enterococcus faecium – so I can assume it was just that single possibly pathogenic ingredient that they refer to as “beneficial microorganisms found naturally in your dog’s digestive system”.

So – if you asked me – this popular bestselling pet product is NOT something I would feel good about giving to my pet.

Simply the excessive ANIMAL DIGEST ingredient makes me feel bad about this.

Consumers need to rise up and insist these big pet food companies stop from hiding stuff in processed ingredients and stop using cheap worse than pet grade ingredients.

I’m sick of big companies selling us moldy grains and garbage ingredients – especially when the food is intended just for pets.

As it is they use all the moldy grains they can’t use for human food and put them in feeds for animals and even pet foods. That in itself is a crime.

We need to be more aware of what the ingredients are and how the food is processed – both for human grade and pet grade.

People are getting hip to what the ingredients are in the foods we give our pets. Especially with all the pet food recalls and contaminants (poison) being found in the stuff sold for pets, people are being more careful.

Now – I am not saying this Purina Veterinary Diets Fortiflora Canine product is going to harm your pet or kill it or not even work as intended – I am just saying that me personally – when I read the ingredients I am sickened by what I see and I could never give it to my own pets.

That said – it’s interesting to see the variety of reviews on amazon for this product. It does get some good reviews. It also gets some really bad ones.

So – if nothing else I hope this has made you aware that looking at and understanding the ingredients is very important – especially with pet products. We can’t just blindly trust that the corporations care as much as we do about what our pets eat.

Self health – Do you want to feel better?

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Well, it’s been 9 days since I had to make a decision and put my dog Milo to sleep on Friday, April 2, 2010.

Mike and Milo

I might not have realized this the first few days after he passed – but I now know that time really does heal.

The first few days were the toughest, but at around the 3 or 4 day mark – life opened up some pathways and more smiles and good feelings crept back into my day to day existence.

At around 5 days – on Wednesday (4 days ago) I have to admit I started feeling really good and have since become energized and have a new positive outlook on life and all the great things happening to me!

I still do flash on Milo and have an emotional feeling rush through me on occasion – but boy – what a huge difference in how I feel overall!

So – while this is not intended to be a life lesson or advice – I will say this – always try to remember that while bad or difficult to handle things may happen and pain and suffering can really take over on a moments notice – that simply focusing on the good and allowing ourselves to be distracted will result in progress over time. Just letting time heal things will result in a better outlook.

So – with that said – I will now honor my buddy Milo with a memory – and describe the background of a picture I have been using on my web sites. It’s the above photo of me and Milo.

The story behind that picture is as follows…

I was living in Sherman Oaks, California at the time and I wanted to take some pictures of myself and Milo and use them to send out custom Christmas cards. I was hoping to have a California Poolside theme with Milo and myself.

I would usually tweak the pics in Photoshop and make a work of art out of them.

The above picture of Milo and myself was from that “photo session” where I was taking pictures of us together. The problem was I wanted Milo to wear the red stocking santa hat – but he wasn’t too fond of that and wouldn’t sit still or keep the hat on. I had to take a lot of pictures to get one of him with the hat on.

The above shot is NOT one of them. It’s an out take.

While it did not make the cut for the Christmas card – I did end up using it in other applications, most notably on the “who we be” page of Article Underground (who are these guys?).

And that’s the story of that pic of me and Milo.

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What’s on my mind today on this Easter Sunday?  The end… His train will leave on time.

Well, there is no easy way to say it BUT I had to make a difficult decision on late Friday afternoon and had to put my dog Milo to sleep.

Last Good Pic of Milo 3-31-10

While I knew he was not well since Tuesday March 30th when he started having trouble keeping food and water down. Despite that I didn’t realize it was as bad as it was.

On Friday April 2, 2010 after 3 days since Milo was still sick and could not keep water down – I took him to the vet again.

Tests revealed he was in really bad shape. He was suffering.

As the vet showed me the first set of tests I asked the vet “Is it reasonable to say this is the end?” and the vet said “Yes – it is.”

I was hit very hard and was not prepared for it.

Yes – he was sick, but for some reason I took Milo there thinking I’d be bringing him home with me.

It turned out things turned quickly and it was the end for Milo. 

I’ll write again soon after I can better organize my thoughts, but for now I will just say it was the right thing to do.

I’ll miss you Milo! You were a great friend!

> A Few Pictures of Milo <

This song has been in my head consistently strangely enough the past 2 days since he passed – it must be the song for Milo – it feels like it is… it’s His Train by Jason Falkner

“His train will leave on time”

Here are the lyrics and below that is a link to one of the services that offers free plays.


Ryan calls me, says “You’d better believe it, I got the bug, gotta get out with my brother
And so he comes down from the small town, says he’s gotta move out of the boonies someday
And I smile to hide a sorrow deep inside
Because I know that he’s leaving I’m just now believing he’s got to find his own way

His train will leave on time (4x)

He ties his shoelace as a grin consumes his face, we’re out again in the town with intentions
And we’re the ones who say it’s all in fun when it’s understood that no good can be found here
And we talk about girls, what brothers don’t talk about girls
And it was best Christopher Walkin, he says “Go out and get ’em”, guess who’s the protagonist

His train will leave on time (4x)

And he confides that he wants to be well but he’s always done well
We’re not worried about that

His train will leave on time (6x)

His Train by Jasn Falkner at LaLa

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Milo and and the Golden Fire Hydrant

Milo and and the Golden Fire Hydrant

We have fire hydrants made of gold here in Laguna Beach, California

Full Sized PHOTO >>> Link

 Milo and the Golden Fire Hydrant

Here we have Milo in the Laguna Beach Village by the golden fire hydrant

Full Sized PHOTO >>> Link

I was mesmerized by the high quality of this golden fire hydrant, located by the local water company office here in Laguna Beach.

There is more! Continue Reading the entire post »

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