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What’s on my mind today on this Easter Sunday?  The end… His train will leave on time.

Well, there is no easy way to say it BUT I had to make a difficult decision on late Friday afternoon and had to put my dog Milo to sleep.

Last Good Pic of Milo 3-31-10

While I knew he was not well since Tuesday March 30th when he started having trouble keeping food and water down. Despite that I didn’t realize it was as bad as it was.

On Friday April 2, 2010 after 3 days since Milo was still sick and could not keep water down – I took him to the vet again.

Tests revealed he was in really bad shape. He was suffering.

As the vet showed me the first set of tests I asked the vet “Is it reasonable to say this is the end?” and the vet said “Yes – it is.”

I was hit very hard and was not prepared for it.

Yes – he was sick, but for some reason I took Milo there thinking I’d be bringing him home with me.

It turned out things turned quickly and it was the end for Milo. 

I’ll write again soon after I can better organize my thoughts, but for now I will just say it was the right thing to do.

I’ll miss you Milo! You were a great friend!

> A Few Pictures of Milo <

This song has been in my head consistently strangely enough the past 2 days since he passed – it must be the song for Milo – it feels like it is… it’s His Train by Jason Falkner

“His train will leave on time”

Here are the lyrics and below that is a link to one of the services that offers free plays.


Ryan calls me, says “You’d better believe it, I got the bug, gotta get out with my brother
And so he comes down from the small town, says he’s gotta move out of the boonies someday
And I smile to hide a sorrow deep inside
Because I know that he’s leaving I’m just now believing he’s got to find his own way

His train will leave on time (4x)

He ties his shoelace as a grin consumes his face, we’re out again in the town with intentions
And we’re the ones who say it’s all in fun when it’s understood that no good can be found here
And we talk about girls, what brothers don’t talk about girls
And it was best Christopher Walkin, he says “Go out and get ’em”, guess who’s the protagonist

His train will leave on time (4x)

And he confides that he wants to be well but he’s always done well
We’re not worried about that

His train will leave on time (6x)

His Train by Jasn Falkner at LaLa

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The View from my Desk Part 2 – daytime version

Click to see enlarged image - Daytime View

Click to Enlarge. That’s where I am right now as I write this. It’s the view from my desk.

I was doing a webinar the other day with Brian G Johnson and as we were warming up before starting Brian asked me what the weather was like and I said it was warm here at the beach.  I had to clarify because he jokingly said I was on the sand with a Margarita. I corrected him and said Carrot Juice.

Oddly enough, earlier that same day on March 16, 2010 I had taken a picture looking out from my desk area.

It’s hard to put this into words and a picture really shows much better a representation of where I work than trying to explain it.

This is a nice clear day overlooking the Pacific ocean from my home office in my house here in Laguna Beach, CA

I’m about 4 blocks from the beach and about 6 blocks from Laguna Beach Village.

It’s a great place to live and work! The weather is the best anywhere and there is a good vibe here at Laguna Beach. If you’ve been here you know what I mean. If not – it is hard to describe.

For those of you unfamiliar with Laguna Beach – it’s right next to Newport Beach in Orange County California. It’s also where they filmed a show on MTV – Laguna Beach The Real Orange County.

We’re about 50 miles from Downtown Los Angeles and about 25 miles To Disneyland (Anaheim).

It’s a great place to live (and work!)

I have a nice little Canon camera I keep in my pocket and I take tons of photos. Some day I really need to get more of the photos out there where other people can see them! They are hidden on my hard drive.

Here is a shot I took on March 17, 2010 while walking with my dog Milo.

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge. It’s at Crescent Bay Point Park in North Laguna Beach which is a great little spot to hang out and watch the sun go down. You can look down at the rocks and see sea lions and people on kayaks and surfing and all kinds of stuff.

I almost lived in a house a block away from the park, but as it ended up I am in a home a little further south and closer to “the Village”. Milo and I come out to the park all the time! It’s a favorite spot to walk!

It’s March and it is getting busy out here. Weekends especially.

Right now is the timeof year that it is starting to get more and more crowded here at the beach. Especially on holidays and weekends. Sometimes you can barely get from one end of the village to another without getting stuck in traffic. There are people everywhere. It can be a hassle, but it’s also cool to see so many different kinds of people visiting.

Well, that’s a peek inside my life and where I live!

Here is Part 1 – a shot at Sunset – have a look!

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Another Holiday Weekend and Summer Ends

It’s hard to believe that Summer is almost over! It’s the Friday and Labor Day Weekend is about to begin.

The holiday was originally set up to honor the “working class”, but these days we seem to be honoring the end of Summer more than anything.
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Writing aint so bad

I was talking with a friend on the phone yesterday and we reminisced about our childhoods. Somehow we got to our lives at present and how we are doing what we love to do and earning a living doing it.

That reminded me about my childhood, where often for fun myself and friends would do collaborative creative writing projects. Not your typical creative writing as we’d each write a paragraph and then the other would pick up and embellish and create a work of fiction that most often was pretty far out there. We really had fun with it and our minds stretched for our young age and realy deleivered some funny and bizarre stuff.
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Eveything Slows Down in the Summer

Eveything Slows Down in the Summer AND ESPECIALLY around HOLIDAYS!

The July 4th holiday just passed us by and for those of us in the USA that means we’ve mostl ikely been playing around more than working. I admit that happens with me a little, but some people take it to the extreme and basically become inaccessible for days or even weeks surrounding a holiday.

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Happy 4th of July

It’s great on occasion to take time off and clear the mind of all the typical working day thoughts. The 4th of July is a perfect time for this! Today is the first day of a 3 day weekend.

This afternoon, Friday the 4th, I am heading off to a party with grilled food and alcohol and who knows what else! Tonight we’ll go see the fireworks at the Laguna Beach Main Beach.

Sunday I have friends vsisiting who’ll walk to the beach with me and then grab a meal in the village.
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Remembering my old hood – video

I was having some trouble with a new Plantronics headset microphone and I did some test recordings to see if I could get rid of some annoying artofacting type sounds (mild clicking occasionally).

I figured it out – the problem was Camtasia was set to record at 22 instead of 44 and I guess that caused some occasional disturbances.

This screen recording was done with a folder of photos and I simply did voice over narration as I flipped through them

 >>> Video Click Here

I was originally going to toss it but thought hey – why not put it up here.
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Need a reason to travel???

Do you need a reason to travel???

Google your name and then go visit all the folks you find with your same exact name!

This guy did it an made a movie about it!

The video is pretty interesting! What a great idea!

Have you ever googled yourself? Google me!

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