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Word of Mouth – Testimonials

Word of mouth – the ultimate converter!

It’s amazing how powerful of an impact a personal reference or a testimonial can have on propelling a customer’s decision making process and create an action. They dig the product so much they want to say so in writing (or in video!)

I recently took some of the emails I had received from members and created a Blogging Underground testimonial page. It has been very effective and has actually prompted many more new testimonials!

Word of mouth is very convincing. It applies to the movies and also to business people looking to make solid decisions.

If you have a product people are digging – I highly suggest compiling your feedback into a testimonial section!

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Web Publishing for Newbies

I just wrote an article on web publishing for newbies!

Sometimes you just need a little push to get the momentim going!

How hard is it to fail? Not easy! It’s frightening for some! But I am telling you loud and clear that you need to fail at least a little ebfore you start achieving success!

This is ecpecially true for beginner web publishers! Yu need to start practicing and be wlling to fail or do things half right before you become a master!

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Fixing WordPress Themes

If you asked me – fixing WordPress themes is a huge hassle that theme designers force us to do with regularity!

Hey – I know not all of them create themes with wacky code and bizarre formatting – but some of them do! And I believe some of them are on a power trip and they get off knowing they’re playing with us.

That’s not a good business model – I mean hey – themes should be easy to modify – you shouldn’t have to spend a significant amount of time trying to make paragraphs look like they should out of the box. There is a purpsoe for paragraphs – why make everything bllend together. Hey – if it were easier to figure out I wouldn’t mind so much but this thing took me 20 minutes to find it in the css file and fix it so paragraphs had a line between them like they should.

And come on – let’s try to stick with conventions instead of trying to create NEW code innovations tod o the same things we can already do.

What’s the point of making everything uppercase and other tricks.

That’s why from now on I will be removing WordPress theme credits and replacing them with “This WP THeme was fixed by Mick”

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¬†Which would you like… Abundance or Scarcity? Uhhh… I’ll take abundance please!

I just got an email from an Article Underground member. The basic thrust of what she was asking centered around her paranoia that by posting in the Article Underground blogs that she would be revealing her niches and the keywords she was targeting and that other people would “steal them”. (her words)

Now… what’s funny was she closed with saying “I don’t want to sound paranoid”…

Well… isn’t it funny how sometimes we tell what we don’t want to be like, however we do exactly that?

She may not have wanted to come across as paranoid but that is exactly what she was.

My advice instantly shifted to trying to get her to change her perspective.

There are just some things that are not worth worrying about.

Face it – we could get hit by someone who did not stay in their lane while driving – but hey – do we really need to drive in fear that is going to happen? Being aware of the possibilities is one thing – but living with negative thoughts only brings you closer to that negative stuff.

First of all we all need to open our minds up to ALL of the possibilities and imagine that there is an infinite amount of success to go around for everyone.

I’ll spare a lecture on positive energy, but let me just say that one of the things I regularly tell myself is:

“I am surrounded by abundance” and “I intend to surround myself with abundance”.

Wayne Dyer is to be thanked for that!

Do you want abundance??? Or do you want scarcity???

If you think about scarcity – that is exactly what you will get.
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Bye Bye Blogrush

So sad to see Blogrush bite the dust.

Apparently John Reese does not want to deal with it. Seems there were spammer issues and such. I understand actually as something that has negative vibes associated with it can drag you down. I undesratnd the need to drop the bad and focus on things that are good!

Here is the Blogrush announcement – judge for yourself! >>>
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