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I can remember doing breathing exercises in the original courses I took way back when from Tony Robbins. This seems to be a hugely amplified version.

Great stuff!

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Well, it’s been 9 days since I had to make a decision and put my dog Milo to sleep on Friday, April 2, 2010.

Mike and Milo

I might not have realized this the first few days after he passed – but I now know that time really does heal.

The first few days were the toughest, but at around the 3 or 4 day mark – life opened up some pathways and more smiles and good feelings crept back into my day to day existence.

At around 5 days – on Wednesday (4 days ago) I have to admit I started feeling really good and have since become energized and have a new positive outlook on life and all the great things happening to me!

I still do flash on Milo and have an emotional feeling rush through me on occasion – but boy – what a huge difference in how I feel overall!

So – while this is not intended to be a life lesson or advice – I will say this – always try to remember that while bad or difficult to handle things may happen and pain and suffering can really take over on a moments notice – that simply focusing on the good and allowing ourselves to be distracted will result in progress over time. Just letting time heal things will result in a better outlook.

So – with that said – I will now honor my buddy Milo with a memory – and describe the background of a picture I have been using on my web sites. It’s the above photo of me and Milo.

The story behind that picture is as follows…

I was living in Sherman Oaks, California at the time and I wanted to take some pictures of myself and Milo and use them to send out custom Christmas cards. I was hoping to have a California Poolside theme with Milo and myself.

I would usually tweak the pics in Photoshop and make a work of art out of them.

The above picture of Milo and myself was from that “photo session” where I was taking pictures of us together. The problem was I wanted Milo to wear the red stocking santa hat – but he wasn’t too fond of that and wouldn’t sit still or keep the hat on. I had to take a lot of pictures to get one of him with the hat on.

The above shot is NOT one of them. It’s an out take.

While it did not make the cut for the Christmas card – I did end up using it in other applications, most notably on the “who we be” page of Article Underground (who are these guys?).

And that’s the story of that pic of me and Milo.

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The View from My Desk

I am fortunate that I live and work in Laguna Beach, California. I’ve been here for 2 years now! I work almost exclusively at home doing my internet marketing business thang. It was natural that I place my desk in the best possible spot of the house – to inspire me and motivate me to get down to business!

Being that I am an enthusiastic photographer and I take a lot of pictures, I have snapped many of them inside and around my house. I just ran across one I took last week from inside my house looking out towards the Pacific Ocean from my desk. The view from my desk.

click to enlarge - opens in new window

That’s where I do most of my work.

That’s Catalina in the background, around 26 miles from the coast. Also to the right you see the rocks by the Main Beach next to Laguna Village.

It’s a fantastic place to live and work! The weather is the best anywhere and we get a lot of nice sunsets! I’ll post some more pictures soon. The pictures also help to motivate me to work harder and make me realize how lucky I am!

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 Which would you like… Abundance or Scarcity? Uhhh… I’ll take abundance please!

I just got an email from an Article Underground member. The basic thrust of what she was asking centered around her paranoia that by posting in the Article Underground blogs that she would be revealing her niches and the keywords she was targeting and that other people would “steal them”. (her words)

Now… what’s funny was she closed with saying “I don’t want to sound paranoid”…

Well… isn’t it funny how sometimes we tell what we don’t want to be like, however we do exactly that?

She may not have wanted to come across as paranoid but that is exactly what she was.

My advice instantly shifted to trying to get her to change her perspective.

There are just some things that are not worth worrying about.

Face it – we could get hit by someone who did not stay in their lane while driving – but hey – do we really need to drive in fear that is going to happen? Being aware of the possibilities is one thing – but living with negative thoughts only brings you closer to that negative stuff.

First of all we all need to open our minds up to ALL of the possibilities and imagine that there is an infinite amount of success to go around for everyone.

I’ll spare a lecture on positive energy, but let me just say that one of the things I regularly tell myself is:

“I am surrounded by abundance” and “I intend to surround myself with abundance”.

Wayne Dyer is to be thanked for that!

Do you want abundance??? Or do you want scarcity???

If you think about scarcity – that is exactly what you will get.
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Seizing Moments of Clarity Equals Success

You know, it’s crazy how many great ideas I get. I’m an idea guy and I am constantly having those “a-ha moments”. Very often I feel that I have come across a winning concept that I truly understand and can embrace to the point of squeezing actual bonafide results from my efforts.

But you know what… those fleeting moments may seem like GOLD and guaranteed success at the time I am thinking about or develoing the concept or idea, but I have found that regardless of how much I have scribbled on paper and/or documented in text files and such, it is almost impossible to recreate the exact MAGIC that captivated and inspired at that moment in time AFTER THE FACT.

Sure, I’ll often keep a folder of notes and I have successfully developed ideas that have been big money makers or succeses… I’m not saying it can’t be done BUT what I just realized is that when I have my moments of clarity and feel like I have not only found a winner, but truly feel I am on top of it, that “connection” is unique and a special gift that should be immediately seized and acted upon instead of being filed away for future use.

Some days I have so many of these “connections” that I could never properly develop the ideas, so I don’t have much choice other than to try and document the flavor of the experience as best I can so I might be able to reignite the spark some time in the future.

It’s hard to describe how it feels and what happens, but I suspect that many of you, if not all of you have those moments of clarity and you too have a special connection with a thought or idea. It can only be described as a stream of consciusness that seems to flow from a place that is connected in an unexplainable way.

I’ve heard Wayne Dyer talk about this. In fact, he describes the way he has written some of his more recent books and basically he puts pen to paper and the ideas flow and come out of a place he describes better than I can ever do myself.

But the point is it comes from somewhere and often can’t be properly explained.

This does happen to me a lot. Whether it is an artistic expression or a literary expression or some kind of a marketing or business idea that suddenly makes so much sense.

What I need to do is try to further develop these things while the iron is hot. But what do you do when you have so many things going on? How do you balance the needs of running an existing business with developing ideas or concepts?

Seizing the moments of clarity surely can hold the key to many great successes and achievements. I just need to start doing this more often rather than adding the idea to my cluttered stack of papers and print outs and such.

I guess it’s a good problem to have – but none the less – I needto start fnishing some of the many things I have started.

Focus on something that is inspiring thoughts and ideas and stick with it to the point of producing something solid and concrete from it. That’s what I need to do!

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Hey, I have a golden nugget for you – I hope it will get the inspirational and creative juices flowing!

I was excited to discover the TED Conference 2009 is here! It’s in Long Beach, California right now – but don’t think about going… it’s been sold out for years…

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) Conference.

I’ve written about TED in the past – in fact I previously gave links to the Anthony Robbins video from a past TED… (I’ll put that video link at the bottom of this – it’s one of those priceless videos so be sure to watch it – even if you’ve seen it!)

So what is the big deal about TED??? TED is a meeting of some the greatest minds! From all walks of life. Really!

If you are not familiar with it – let me tell you TED is a brilliant concept! Their slogan is “Ideas Worth Spreading”. It’s similar in concept to Twitter as in “less is more” – because they LIMIT their presenters to only 18 minutes! Let me tell you – it’s not easy for some of these brilliant minds to condense into 18 minutes all the thoughts and ideas they are having – but – that is part of what makes TED so great. The speakers jam cram their 18 minutes with profound stuff!

Wow… look who’s there this year! Tony Robbins, J.J. Abrams (LOST), Chris Anderson (Wired/Long Tail), Seth Godin, Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Bono (I know!), Richard Branson, Ray Kurzweil, Bill Clinton, Thomas Dolby (really? oh he’s the TED music director – cool!), Peter Gabriel, David Pogue, Al Gore among others… wow… the ultimate festival lineup!

You can see the complete list of the current 328 “presenters” at:
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