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Here is a great article with suggestions on how to get more movement into your life from Dr. Carolyn Dean at RnA ReSet

A little bit of movement is good for everybody.

There’s an old Asian saying to the effect of, “a body without movement is like standing water, moldy, spoiled and rotten.” We’re designed to move our bodies through space. Unless you are entirely bedridden, there is always some way to get in a bit of movement, which you can build upon little by little.

One of the reasons we may have a psychological block to exercise is that we think we must devote a single, large chunk of our day to it. Where can anyone find a half hour or an hour to do anything more than what we’re doing now?

But what if you put in a few minutes here and there? That’s right, they all add up!

In fact, research shows that several 5-minute sessions of heightened activity followed by rest may be more beneficial than a whole hour of exercise.
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I can remember doing breathing exercises in the original courses I took way back when from Tony Robbins. This seems to be a hugely amplified version.

Great stuff!

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I regularly do research on vitamins and minerals to see what the benefits are and consider how they may fit in to my nutritional program.

I also try to find as many antifungals as I can. I am often surprised by what turns out to be antifungal.

Potassium Iodide for example is antifungal.

I was doing some research on magnesium and potassium and ran into the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines.

I just added an article on the List of Essential Medicines.

While the foucs is more on medicines that are pharmaceutical in nature, it also has vitamins and minerals. It is a very thorough list and is available for download as a pdf.

Amazon Image

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I’ve dug up some relevant articles that discuss the importance of Magnesium in our diets and reveal the symptoms that may show we are deficient in this all important mineral.

It’s really quite common to be deficient in magnesium. In fact – if you have a yeast imbalance it’s almost certain it is affecting your magnesium levels.

I’ve included a few excerpts, but you should try to read these articles if you can!

“The typical American diet, which is rich in fat, sugar, salt, synthetic vitamin D, phosphates, protein, and supplemented calcium, not only is deficient in magnesium but actually increases the need for magnesium in the body.”

“Most doctors and laboratories don’t even include magnesium status in routine blood tests. Thus, most doctors don’t know when their patients are deficient in magnesium, even though studies show that the majority of Americans are deficient in magnesium.”

“Various data sources, including the US government, suggest that the number of Americans now deficient in magnesium is approximately 90%, with some data suggesting the number is even higher. The mineral, responsible for all the electrical impulses of the body, is critically needed for normal muscle and nerve functions, healthy heart rhythms, strong bones, a healthy immune system, normal blood sugar, normal blood pressure, normal brain function and a healthy GI tract. In short, while we can live with minimal amounts of this mineral, we cannot live well or in a state of optimum health and happiness without it.”

“The master mineral magnesium is missing from most of our topsoil, leaving the vast majority, perhaps 80%, with a failure to meet even the USDA’s recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of 240 to 420 millgrams (based on age). It’s important to note that government RDAs are known to be well below optimum levels. Many experts think our magnesium levels should be twice the amount.”

“An often ignored but really just as common surprise on the list of top magnesium deficiency causes is an overgrowth of candida. A prolific fungus among us that occurs naturally in the body but can get too comfortable and interfere with body processes, one of those being the way the digestive system uses and processes magnesium. You may find that many symptoms of candida overgrowth are similar to those of magnesium deficiency, such as constipation, and dietary changes can also remedy this interesting entry on the list of most common yet ignored magnesium deficiency causes.”

“Candida sufferers are often deficient in magnesium. This is because the Candida yeast interferes with the way that magnesium is taken up in your intestine. A deficiency in magnesium can result in fatigue, immune disorders, leg cramps, headaches, low energy and fibromyalgia.”

Read about the Blood Stream Formula

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I will always take butter over margarine. I prefer whole real food to some other kind of fake food manufactured spread. The butter is healthier than margarine.

But how many times have you heard people tell you that you should NOT eat butter and that fat is bad for you?

Ummm… the body needs fat. It doesn’t need trans fat.

Sorry – but facts show that some fat is better than other fats. In fact some processed factory manufactured fats are downright dangerous and it’s not the pure kind of fat but rather heavily processed trans-fats.

Is butter really bad for you?

Will a little butter on a slice of bread or a dab of butter melted on a bowl of vegetables harm you?

Doesn’t pure natural unsalted butter have some health benefits?

Now – I do understand some people do not like dairy foods or have tolerance issues – that’s different. I’m not trying to force butter or sour cream on you.

I am just trying to make a point that some fats are healthier and safer to consume than others. The fat in butter is much better than the fat in margarine!

Are nuts too fatty and going to cause you harm by eating them? They do have fat you know…

Are all saturated fats going to to help kill you or cause a heart attack?

The answers you’ll get from these questions depends largely on WHO is answering those questions.

If it is a lobby group for a fast food related industry – they’ll try to make all fats seem bad which only confuses the issue in which trans fats are proven to be unhealthy.

Sure – they’d like for you to believe that margarine is healthier than butter – but they chemically treat the fat and then bleach it to make it look more like butter. At least butter is pure and whole food like gramma used to make.

Speaking of Grandma, the fact is that heart disease was not a major problem 100 years ago. Could it be because they ate whole foods and didn’t consume all kinds of foods created in the lab and manufactured en masses in the factory?

Well – if you want to know more about saturated fats and poly unsatured fats and trans-fats and whether it is ok to eat foods that have fat – you’ll definitely want to watch this 53 minute presentation by an acclaimed professor of surgery who says we should enjoy eating saturated fats. He says they’re good for us.

I agree. I think you will too after you watch the video!

Enjoy Eating Saturated Fats: They’re Good for You. Donald W. Miller, Jr.


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Your immune system is mainly in your digestive system.

That’s why probiotics can help improve your health in so many ways as it clears the wa for your immune system to work properly.

Here is a great article I just ran across from Frank Jordan describing the Immune System called Where are My Immune Cells

“Immune cells comprise about 1/5 of your body’s 20 trillion cells”

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FUPO is here again!

Man – you can apply FUPO to almost anything and it seems there is often a connection! Especially when the traditional medical explanations and prescribed drugs fail.


What is the cause of the problem? Well – it could be fungus!

So here I am wondering about gout.

A good friend of mine recently revealed he had issues with gout and it made me ask myself the question – could gout be caused by yeast and fungal issues???

FUPO says yes – until proven otherwise. So I searched for info to support this theory that fungus in some way could be tied to gout flareups.

What is gout? It’s a kind of arthritis with pain from inflammation.

If I had more time I’d research it better and do something more profound – but for now I will share some a few basic thoughts and some links that are worth checking out.

I’ve personally been battling systemic fungal issues myself and I’m pretty convinced that yeast and fungus and mycotoxins are the root cause of most problems.

I’m on the path towards cleaning up the stuff in my body and have learned a lot from the guy that came up with FUPO – “fungus until proven otherwise”.  That Doug Kauffman is the guy who started this FUPO thing with Kyle Drew helping spread the term.

So does FUPO apply? Is gout caused by fungus and mycotoxins? Is there a fungal origin? Is the cause fungus?

I’m pretty convinced that Arthritis and Gout are directly related to having mycotoxins in the body from fungus and systemic yeast issues.

Here are a few links I found as I was looking into the connection between yeast fungus and gout. The stufff is eye opening and could be applied to so much more than gout! Fungus has it’s hand in many common ailments.

This first article I linked is eye opening and says:

“Nearly every medical school in the country teaches its students gout is caused by uric acid… So he stated that uric acid was not the cause of pain experienced by gout patients…. They found that uric acid is more than likely of fungal origin”.

Read the full article:

Candida Albicans and gout

“Candida Albicans is caused by overeating sugar, refined carbohydrates, and yeasty foods; by drinking alcohol; by undereating fibre (mainly found in fruit and vegetables).Candida Albicans is also caused by taking too many antibiotics and NSAIDs. Excessive yeast, which builds up over years,drives out the beneficial bacteria so that the large intestine does not work as well in digesting food. Purines therefore are not broken down efficiently into uric acid, and uric acid’s removal is impaired.”

Read the full article:

Sugar and alcohol and yeast containing foods are often the causes of gout flare ups.

“Within a few hours of ingesting sugar my big left toe feels stiff and aches, sometimes the ache goes up my leg. Sometimes my neck, my hands or my other leg hurts. I’ve noticed other symptoms that seem to be directly related to sugar…..and/or refined grains. I can’t seem to eat sugar or white flour (they are usually eaten in combination) without a yeast infection, and I can count on it disappearing in a day or two when I stop eating sugar/refined crap–100% of the time.”

Read the full article:

Doug Kauffman Know The Cause Newsletter – knows a thing or 2 about yeast and gout.

“Bakers and brewers yeast is commonly called Saccharomyces cerevisiae. For thousands of years this species of yeast has been used to make breads and alcohol. In the case of alcohol, during a process called fermentation, yeast and carbohydrates are slowly converted to alcohol. Mind you, not only am I the guy to bring you “Phase 1” eating, but I’m also the guy who taught you to be very careful of eating, or drinking, yeast. I told you that way back in 1963, Dr. Svlia published an incredible article that taught us how brewers yeast produces the very caustic uric acid, purportedly the cause of gout (but now you know better since you know where the uric acid comes from).”

Read the full article:

Some interesting info about gout and anti-fungal supplements like Olive Leaf Extract.

“Humans have used olive leaf extract for centuries to treat such conditions as gout, malaria, fever, and hemorrhoids. And as early as the 1900s, the leaves were also recognized for their antimicrobial properties. The active ingredient in olive leaf extract, called oleuropin, breaks down in the body to become elolenic acid. Elolenic acid is particularly effective against many strong strains of fungi. Olive leaf extract can help to treat fungal-related conditions like influenza, encephalitis, shingles, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, psoriasis, and sinusitis.”

Read more:

Video on sugar cravings and mycotoxins

This dude Elliot is right on! Watch his loud and in your face advice on this youtube video on yeast and mycotoxins and sugar cravings… Thanks dude for helping to loudly spread the word about FUPO!

Watch the video:

I hope you find this information helpful and please remember FUPO

Fungus until proven otherwise!

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The “Natural Flavor” in your processed factory made fast food might just be killing you.

I just learned that almost all processed food contains harmful additives known as exitotoxins, which ironically are allowed to be labeled as “natural flavor” or “natural flavorings” on food labels.

I’m sorry to say that until recently, I’ve been mostly blind to the ingredients I’ve been allowing to be put in my body when I buy food and beverages to eat both at home and in restaurants.

Sure, I’ve been reading ingredients labels more carefully for a few years now, but like most Americans, I have been more trusting than I should. I haven’t really paid much attention to a lot of the stuff I’ve been seeing as listed on the ingredients labels.

I’m human and I have made a lot of bad choices throughout my life as far as diet is concerned. I have blindly consumed all kinds of packaged food trusting that someone must be looking out for me and preventing me from consuming ingredients or chemicals that may be harmful.

Since “corporations are people” – right – the food companies must be concerned that I eat food with the healthiest ingredients, right??? At the very least they only allow “safe ingredients”, right?

And surely “big government” that has so much of a hand in regulating everything we do is protecting us, right?

The truth is – no one can protect you better than yourself. You can’t assume someone else is looking out for you and making sure the food you eat is 100% safe.

The fact is big food and chemical corporations exist to make money and while they certainly don’t want to kill their customers, they may on occasion, make decisions based on squeezing more profits out of the food and beverages they sell to us.

They are companies and are focused on being profitable. Also, people respond favorably to many of the things that can mask what they are really selling to us inside the container or shiny plastic wrappers.

And then consider that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) allows this problem to occur. The FDA categorizes many well documented and scientifically proven harmful ingredients as GRAS aka “Generally Recognized As Safe”.

NO ONE is really looking out for you and making sure you only eat stuff that won’t kill you or contribute to illness or disease.

So what about these excitotoxin things? what are they?

Recently I saw a show on TV that brought exitotoxins to my attention. As you might guess a word with “toxins” indicates “poison” is involved.

Excitotoxins include common food additives you almost can’t help but eat every day, including MSG, aka Monosodium Glutamate, and Aspartame (NutraSweet)

I now realize how serious of a situation it really is with the big food corporations playing dangerous games with our health and trying to fool us into a false sense of security by hiding poisons in the food.

The guest on the show was a neurosurgeon by the name of Russell L. Blaylock – the author of the book “Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills”

I found a lecture he did on Google Videos discussing Excitoxins which is worth watching:

His book page on Amazon has some interesting details and of course a wide range of reviews which are interesting to read in themselves. It seems not everybody wants to believe that there could be anything harmful in our food and would rather be mad at the author for spreading the message. Weird.

While I will not attempt to explain in detail what he was discussing – I will say I was really affected by how common harmful toxic chemicals and poisonous ingredients are working their way into our lives.

Poison in the form of chemicals such as mercury, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, herbicides and insecticides and even foods including “natural flavorings” such as Monosodium Glutamate and NutraSweet, yeast extract, plant protein extract, natural flavors are everywhere.

The FDA even allows the corporations to rename their ingredients and hide them in healthy sounding names even such as “natural flavors” which last night I discovered was in the can of Andersons Split Pea Soup I was holding in my hand.

Here I have been eating food I thought was healthy only to add more of those harmful ingredients into my body.

I guess I now understand better why often people that are really sick will have a complete turnaround by going on a restrictive anti-fungal diet such as Doug Kauffman’s Phase 1 Diet, which does not allow any food that may contain yeast or mycotoxins (another word with toxins in it). The Phase 1 diet starves not only yeast and fungus but it makes sense that eating more wholesome natural foods will help get some of those chemicals and processed food ingredients out of our systems, allowing our bodies to heal in a more natural way.

Well, that’s enough on this – but I do hope I made you aware of some info that could be used to help protect yourself from some of the things that are surely causing many health complications as people just blindly eat what they put in those attractive packages.

If you still want more – I did find another interesting article called Excotoxins and You which is worth reading

Also worth reading

The Slow Poisoning of America

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Could our ailments really be because of fungus? Yes – they could!

But let me tell you – most people do not want to hear it – much less believe it! I try to share this with my firends but I must not be very convincing or they have blinders and defenses up – because they don’t seem to be “getting it!”

I’m a believer and NOW I believe “Fungus UNTIL proven otherwise!” (FUPO!)

I’ve been reading Doug Kaufmann’s excellent book The Fungus Link and MAN o MAN – I’m telling you – you wouldn’t be so reluctant to believe after you have read about regular people just like us who had serious health issues BUT ONLY overcame them because they finally FIGURED OUT the LINK to FUNGUS!

Keep an open mind – will ya? Here – if you find this interesting please read this article on Fungus and Heart Health – I just wrote it!

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Have you ever considered the difference between Doctors and Scientists??? Or for that matter – have you ever wondered why NUTRITION is considered ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE when DRUGS are “traditional”?

I was recently watching an infomercial on TV and while I was originally skeptical, my defenses went down as the discussion made more and more sense.

While I am not here to endorse a product or even method I learned about from an infomercial on TV, I do want to share how I now feel.

The first thing I started to connect with was that doctors and scientists are NOT the same. They are not even similar. In fact – I would go so far as to say that doctors when compared to scientists know far less about what really happens in the real world when research is done and conclusions are drawn.

Doctors mostly are concerned with taking an action so you will leave satisfied. Scientists are more concerned with what research shows and the results that occurs when a certain process is applied.

I know not all doctors are the same and that some are evil and some are angels. I’m not talking about whether thy are good people. In fact their intentions may be good.

What I am trying to convey is that most doctors are taught a very specific curriculum that focuses on applying treatments which many times draws from a reference source that leans towards prescriptions and procedures, many of which require surgery.

Cut it out – prescribe a drug – stay off your feet… that’s the kind of advice you’ll get from a doctor.

In many cases doctors will even fight and try to deny that scientific research has any merit. They’d rather stick with what is in their book that they can prescribe to you so they can get you “off their back”. Sure – they may even realize that most of what they do is a temporary fix and does not necessarily address the problems and cause directly and mostly focuses on making the patients more comfortable or feel better, even if temporary.

So – are doctors really qualified to argue against research???

I am reminded of the Larry King show in which Suzanne Somers appeared with a number of doctors and researchers and they were slamming her. I saw this on other programs too where they could barely even hear what she was saying or the researchers on her side were saying.

Why would someone be so unwilling to consider that if there is proof that there are some positive results and benefits from non-prescription drugs or lifestyle adjustments and nutrition processes that they may be better courses of action than traditional operations and drug plans???

Well, that’s something I may never understand, but I would have to guess that doctors are just too comfortable with the way of the world as it is and they simply do not want to rock the boat too much.

The drug companies are simply in too deep in almost all aspects of medicine so that real research and alternative methods other than drugs and surgery are not taken seriously or in some cases even dismissed as witchcraft and wives tales.

I am not against doctors and I am not down on all medicine. I simply am baffled at why doctors can’t be open to what researchers are showing us and consider that when people have success with alternative methods that it should be put in their little book as a possible course of action to consider.

Why not try vitamins FIRST before drugs or surgery?

In fact – I just can’t even understand why NUTRITION and VITAMINS and HERBS and FOOD and EVEN FITNESS is considered ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE… should SYNTHETIC DRUGS and SURGERY be considered the ALTERNATIVE?

If you asked me – the first and best course of action should be FOOD and NUTRITION and VITAMINS. The alternative and final consideration would be SURGERY and DRUGS that have side effects.

OK – enough of that. But do you see what I mean when I say DOCTORS and SCIENTISTS and very different from each other? You’d think they’d have more in common.

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