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I will always take butter over margarine. I prefer whole real food to some other kind of fake food manufactured spread. The butter is healthier than margarine.

But how many times have you heard people tell you that you should NOT eat butter and that fat is bad for you?

Ummm… the body needs fat. It doesn’t need trans fat.

Sorry – but facts show that some fat is better than other fats. In fact some processed factory manufactured fats are downright dangerous and it’s not the pure kind of fat but rather heavily processed trans-fats.

Is butter really bad for you?

Will a little butter on a slice of bread or a dab of butter melted on a bowl of vegetables harm you?

Doesn’t pure natural unsalted butter have some health benefits?

Now – I do understand some people do not like dairy foods or have tolerance issues – that’s different. I’m not trying to force butter or sour cream on you.

I am just trying to make a point that some fats are healthier and safer to consume than others. The fat in butter is much better than the fat in margarine!

Are nuts too fatty and going to cause you harm by eating them? They do have fat you know…

Are all saturated fats going to to help kill you or cause a heart attack?

The answers you’ll get from these questions depends largely on WHO is answering those questions.

If it is a lobby group for a fast food related industry – they’ll try to make all fats seem bad which only confuses the issue in which trans fats are proven to be unhealthy.

Sure – they’d like for you to believe that margarine is healthier than butter – but they chemically treat the fat and then bleach it to make it look more like butter. At least butter is pure and whole food like gramma used to make.

Speaking of Grandma, the fact is that heart disease was not a major problem 100 years ago. Could it be because they ate whole foods and didn’t consume all kinds of foods created in the lab and manufactured en masses in the factory?

Well – if you want to know more about saturated fats and poly unsatured fats and trans-fats and whether it is ok to eat foods that have fat – you’ll definitely want to watch this 53 minute presentation by an acclaimed professor of surgery who says we should enjoy eating saturated fats. He says they’re good for us.

I agree. I think you will too after you watch the video!

Enjoy Eating Saturated Fats: They’re Good for You. Donald W. Miller, Jr.


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