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Mycotoxins and Food Allergies

With all the talk of gluten free diets and food allergy testing you would think that the problems a lot of people are facing would be easy to solve.

The reality is it’s far deeper than a sensitivity to a food. If you follow Doug Kaufmann you already know all about mycotoxins which are found in foods such as corn, wheat and peanuts to name a few.

There are all kinds of attempts to sterilize and radiate the dangerous stuff out of our foods but the reality is that the mycotixins are “heat stable” and can’t be eliminated.

So food gets moldy and even though they try to kill the mold the mycotoxins are in our diets.

This is a true dilema.

If you want to know more about mycotoxins I suggest reading an article by Kristin Kons that goes into more details about this very real problem.

I suggest reading “What are Mycotoxins”

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Uhhh…. I ran into this headline and there was a video for “Mushrooms, mold found growing in Sacramento apartment carpet”

Do you think there might be a mold problem?

She should fell lucky that she at least SAW the mushrooms growing in the carpet as mold is mostly a “silent killer”!

Wow. It’s amazing how mold can really mess up your life. If you see any signs of run!

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