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Can you pass me that tasty Roundup TM Corn please?

Boy – in case you aren’t already sold that corn is universally contaminated with mold and mycotoxins, then you gotta do a little reading on what is called ROUNDUP READY CORN.

It’s crazy but this corn is actually RESISTANT to the ROUNDUP chemicals by Monsanto which means that farmers can spray the hell out of their corn fields with Roundup and kill every living thing nearby except the corn.

I don’t know about you – but that can’t be good for people who end up eating that corn… and it can’t be good for animals that eat the corn… and it can’t be good for the people eating the animals that ate the corn and on and on…

There are studies to support the dangers of this corn, but of course there is resistance to the studies and even accusations the data was manipulated to be against Monsanto.

I don’t know about you, but it should NOT take a scientist to tell you that eating anything that has been sprayed with roundup chemicals might have harmful effects. That seems logical that we know Roundup is made to kill things, right? That is the purpose of Roundup. Kill pests.

And since so much food out there is sprayed with it – you almost can’t escape eating food with the Roundup chemicals.

“Corn is universally contaminated by mold” – it’s already bad food.

Hey – corn in general is already dangerous because it is often contaminated with mold, which produces mycotoxins which is not good for our health (just a feeling – we need some studies on this!).

But then when you consider the chemicals are blasted at the corn to kill anything nearby that might want to mess with it – well – that’s a tipping point no one can evade… or can they?

Do me a favor before you try to run and hide from this stuff – read the articles and study linked here.

You need to at least consider that this stuff could be harmful to our health.

Read this excerpt from NPR

“Roundup Ready is a line of gene-modified seeds that inoculate plants against a herbicide, Roundup, also made by Monsanto, that kills just about everything else.

“There’s nothing like Roundup. A monkey could farm with it,” Ulrich says.

“Ever since they’ve come out with the Roundup Ready trait and that became popular and basically took over farming, we’ve seen significant increases every single year,” Ulrich says.

Ulrich says his seed costs shot up almost 50 percent last year. That’s because farmers are contractually prohibited from saving seeds and planting them the following year.

Farmers face lawsuits if they try to save and replant the genetically modified seed because they don’t own the technology. While they bristle at that, they love the Roundup Ready seed.

‘Amazing Amount Of Leverage’

More than 9 out of 10 soybean seeds carry the Roundup Ready trait. It’s about the same for cotton and just a little lower for corn.” – Exceprt from:

More on Roundup ready corn:
It’s not just corn!


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I’ve often thought to myself how sad the food choices are as I go shopping in the big chain supermarkets that dominate Los Angeles. There is so much unhealthy food and very little that could be considered to promote good health.

This is even true for some of the so caled health food stores and better shopping choices like Trader Joes. The majority of the food has ingredients that are harmful to our health!

Sure – we all know the American diet is SAD (Standard American Diet) to begin with, but it amazes me how it’s more than just food that isn’t optmally healthy to eat – it’s food that is harming people! Dangerous food! Chemicals, preservatives and highly processed foods that do not help us stay well.

This is well stated in an article in the December Know The Cause newsletter by Kristin Kons.

She talks about the choices we have.

“It made me a little sad that these are the options that are in our face as we grocery shop. A person really does need to make a choice to seek out good options. Then I thought, why does the majority of the grocery store contain foods that decrease our health rather than promote it? Seems a little odd, if you ask me! But we all know the answer to that. Money, money, money!”

Read We Have Choices by Kristin Kons

Read the article if you can and also be sure to sign up for Doug’s Know The Cause newsletter – it always fills my head with great info and ideas on how to keep healthy!

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