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Change Your Breakfast! Here is the info mentioned in the previous blog post about the Gavin Newsom show on Current TV the episode with the guest Tim Ferriss had some controversial info about losing weight.

In case they take down the video I wanted the notes to be available so I quickly wrote down the major points.

The suggestions by Tim sound like they would work.

I noticed his suggestions are actually anti-fungal – yes – especially the one about cinnamon in coffee!

Funny about how it almost always comes back to FUPO

Tim Ferris notes from Gavin Newsom show

Focus on diet not exercise (one thing at a time will have better success)

1. Change your breakfast – get 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up

IDEALLY: Myoplex shake in the morning that provided 42 g of protein


combination of whole eggs, lentils and spinach (takes 3 minutes to make – demonstrated it on youtube)

Very good for accelerating weight loss and muscle gain

2. Coffee

Instead of skim milk or artificial sweeteners use whole fat cream (100%) – it’s the lactose in milk that is bad (skim milk not good or artificial)

Try 1 to 2 teaspoons or tablespoons of cream in coffee instead of milk and try cinammon instead of a sweetener.

Easy to switch. That one change between 2 to 4 extra pounds of weight loss per week.

Insulin spikes otherwise last for hours.

3. Take one day off per week and go ballistic – pasta – pizza ok. Far less damage by spreading it out. Also helps with downshifting of thyroid.


Don’t restrict or count calories but pick sources more carefully.

Wow. That makes so much sense.

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I’ve been watching the Gavin Newsom show on Current TV for a few weeks now and must say he has very interesting guests and delivers show after show of inspiring interviews.

You may think that Gavin Newsom, the former mayor of San Francisco would be very political and a crazy liberal but his show is about the guests and not him. He skillfully asks questions of experts and visionaries and gets great information from his guests who for the most part are talking about big subjects like the future, solving problems, entrepreneurship and the direction of technology and NOT simply talking about politics or fighting over what’s right or wrong.

It’s refreshing to see his guests talk with enthusiasm and optimism about the future.

The main reason the show works so well and is so motivating is that Gavin asks excellent questions and then gives the guests room to answer. 

We don’t get bombarded with the typical ego driven counter arguments and opinions of the hosts which are so common on talking head shows.

It’s clearly not just about what Gavin thinks or his opinions, but more specifically is about learning from the guests and getting to the bottom of what they know and are writing and working on.

Very refreshing flow of information and extremely motivating. You can tell the guests are thrilled to be able to talk about what they’re passionate about.

It’s nice to hear intelligent open minded people with vision like Sergey Brin, Kara Swisher, Brian David Johnson, Vinod Khosla, Tim Ferriss and Elon Musk to name a few,  expand on what they have been saying or writing about, and reveal the things they often never get the chance to share on typical tv talk show appearances.

Give the Gavin Newsom show on Current tv a shot! Open your mind and listen like Gavin is doing!

The latest episode featured a great lineup of guests. The first one, bestselling author and cutting edge motivator Tim Ferriss discusses among other things how starting the day with a breakfast that gives you at least 30 grams of protein within the fisrt 30 minutes of your day will help you lose a lot more weight.

Interesting stuff.

There is a video replay at:

I’ll watch it again and transcribe the major points in a post to follow in case the post disappears.

> Here are the NOTES from the video with Tim Ferriss

It’s up now, so go watch it and in the future tell your DVR to record the Gavin Newson Show on Current TV. If it continues to be as good as it has been – we’ll all benefit greatly!

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