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Archive for May, 2012

I find it very interesting that there are people who get so angry at the possibility that there are worthwhile alternatives to what standard medicine is dishing out these days.

There is no reason to be so mean in your defense of doctors and their methods.

I’d never make broad blanket statements about what works or doesn’t work and always try to look at each item specifically before making my conclusions.

I just wish people would be open and do the same when it comes to the possibility that there are solutions that are ignored by doctors. The good old doctors practicing what they learned back in school may be doing more harm than they are doing good in some cases and there is nothing wrong with making suggestions to them that may be considered as “alternative medicine”.

If what they’re prescribing is not working – it makes sense to look for alternative treatments.

Oh – and I don’t need a scientific study to confirm that eating good healthy food without pesticides and preservatives is doing me good. There may not be big multi million studies about spinach or carrots – but geez – that doesn’t mean they;re not good for you :’>

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