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Lost In Translation

I finally saw the movie last night. Lost In Translation was fantastic! It’s rare that I am this moved and affected by a movie.

I know it’s already approaching 9 years old – but for some reason I have never seen Lost In Translation until now.

I must say it is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

It was particularly interesting because the movie is set in Japan and the earthquake of 2 weeks ago is still fresh on my mind. Especially considering the nuclear reactors are still not under control.

 I have always liked Bill Murray and it wasn’t until I checked out the filmography in the Directv credits for Lost In Translation that I realized he has been in so many of my favorite films. Ground Hog Day and Kingpin to name a couple. He has been in many more.

But I think Lost In Translation tops them all because the film is a masterpiece in so many ways.

Sofia Coppola so graciusly captured the mood and feelings of this creative viewpoint of a premise that is so unusual yet is so relatable to so many of us because it can be twisted to match our own life experiences.

Sure, while I related with Bill Murray and his “mid life crisis” while being stuck in the chaos and complexity of Japanese culture and society, I can’t claim to be the big movie star he was. He was getting millions of dollars to be in a whiskey ad campaign in Japan and even though he wasn’t looking for it – fate found it’s way to him and put him together with Scarlett Johanson’s character.

Both Murray and Johanson played their parts exceptionally well. Mostly quiet and understated. It was that and the peculularities of the Japanese culture and the wonders of the people of Tokyo that played togeher with the 2 actors to make this an unforgettable movie experience. 

The film style, the music, the cityscapes and the capturing of the culture made this one incredible experience. I rarely watch movies more than once, but this film definitely deserves to be watched again.

Lost In Translation Trailer

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