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Archive for November, 2010

Fixing WordPress Themes

If you asked me – fixing WordPress themes is a huge hassle that theme designers force us to do with regularity!

Hey – I know not all of them create themes with wacky code and bizarre formatting – but some of them do! And I believe some of them are on a power trip and they get off knowing they’re playing with us.

That’s not a good business model – I mean hey – themes should be easy to modify – you shouldn’t have to spend a significant amount of time trying to make paragraphs look like they should out of the box. There is a purpsoe for paragraphs – why make everything bllend together. Hey – if it were easier to figure out I wouldn’t mind so much but this thing took me 20 minutes to find it in the css file and fix it so paragraphs had a line between them like they should.

And come on – let’s try to stick with conventions instead of trying to create NEW code innovations tod o the same things we can already do.

What’s the point of making everything uppercase and other tricks.

That’s why from now on I will be removing WordPress theme credits and replacing them with “This WP THeme was fixed by Mick”

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