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Archive for September, 2010

Could our ailments really be because of fungus? Yes – they could!

But let me tell you – most people do not want to hear it – much less believe it! I try to share this with my firends but I must not be very convincing or they have blinders and defenses up – because they don’t seem to be “getting it!”

I’m a believer and NOW I believe “Fungus UNTIL proven otherwise!” (FUPO!)

I’ve been reading Doug Kaufmann’s excellent book The Fungus Link and MAN o MAN – I’m telling you – you wouldn’t be so reluctant to believe after you have read about regular people just like us who had serious health issues BUT ONLY overcame them because they finally FIGURED OUT the LINK to FUNGUS!

Keep an open mind – will ya? Here – if you find this interesting please read this article on Fungus and Heart Health – I just wrote it!

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