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Have you ever considered the difference between Doctors and Scientists??? Or for that matter – have you ever wondered why NUTRITION is considered ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE when DRUGS are “traditional”?

I was recently watching an infomercial on TV and while I was originally skeptical, my defenses went down as the discussion made more and more sense.

While I am not here to endorse a product or even method I learned about from an infomercial on TV, I do want to share how I now feel.

The first thing I started to connect with was that doctors and scientists are NOT the same. They are not even similar. In fact – I would go so far as to say that doctors when compared to scientists know far less about what really happens in the real world when research is done and conclusions are drawn.

Doctors mostly are concerned with taking an action so you will leave satisfied. Scientists are more concerned with what research shows and the results that occurs when a certain process is applied.

I know not all doctors are the same and that some are evil and some are angels. I’m not talking about whether thy are good people. In fact their intentions may be good.

What I am trying to convey is that most doctors are taught a very specific curriculum that focuses on applying treatments which many times draws from a reference source that leans towards prescriptions and procedures, many of which require surgery.

Cut it out – prescribe a drug – stay off your feet… that’s the kind of advice you’ll get from a doctor.

In many cases doctors will even fight and try to deny that scientific research has any merit. They’d rather stick with what is in their book that they can prescribe to you so they can get you “off their back”. Sure – they may even realize that most of what they do is a temporary fix and does not necessarily address the problems and cause directly and mostly focuses on making the patients more comfortable or feel better, even if temporary.

So – are doctors really qualified to argue against research???

I am reminded of the Larry King show in which Suzanne Somers appeared with a number of doctors and researchers and they were slamming her. I saw this on other programs too where they could barely even hear what she was saying or the researchers on her side were saying.

Why would someone be so unwilling to consider that if there is proof that there are some positive results and benefits from non-prescription drugs or lifestyle adjustments and nutrition processes that they may be better courses of action than traditional operations and drug plans???

Well, that’s something I may never understand, but I would have to guess that doctors are just too comfortable with the way of the world as it is and they simply do not want to rock the boat too much.

The drug companies are simply in too deep in almost all aspects of medicine so that real research and alternative methods other than drugs and surgery are not taken seriously or in some cases even dismissed as witchcraft and wives tales.

I am not against doctors and I am not down on all medicine. I simply am baffled at why doctors can’t be open to what researchers are showing us and consider that when people have success with alternative methods that it should be put in their little book as a possible course of action to consider.

Why not try vitamins FIRST before drugs or surgery?

In fact – I just can’t even understand why NUTRITION and VITAMINS and HERBS and FOOD and EVEN FITNESS is considered ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE… should SYNTHETIC DRUGS and SURGERY be considered the ALTERNATIVE?

If you asked me – the first and best course of action should be FOOD and NUTRITION and VITAMINS. The alternative and final consideration would be SURGERY and DRUGS that have side effects.

OK – enough of that. But do you see what I mean when I say DOCTORS and SCIENTISTS and very different from each other? You’d think they’d have more in common.

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