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Well, it’s been 9 days since I had to make a decision and put my dog Milo to sleep on Friday, April 2, 2010.

Mike and Milo

I might not have realized this the first few days after he passed – but I now know that time really does heal.

The first few days were the toughest, but at around the 3 or 4 day mark – life opened up some pathways and more smiles and good feelings crept back into my day to day existence.

At around 5 days – on Wednesday (4 days ago) I have to admit I started feeling really good and have since become energized and have a new positive outlook on life and all the great things happening to me!

I still do flash on Milo and have an emotional feeling rush through me on occasion – but boy – what a huge difference in how I feel overall!

So – while this is not intended to be a life lesson or advice – I will say this – always try to remember that while bad or difficult to handle things may happen and pain and suffering can really take over on a moments notice – that simply focusing on the good and allowing ourselves to be distracted will result in progress over time. Just letting time heal things will result in a better outlook.

So – with that said – I will now honor my buddy Milo with a memory – and describe the background of a picture I have been using on my web sites. It’s the above photo of me and Milo.

The story behind that picture is as follows…

I was living in Sherman Oaks, California at the time and I wanted to take some pictures of myself and Milo and use them to send out custom Christmas cards. I was hoping to have a California Poolside theme with Milo and myself.

I would usually tweak the pics in Photoshop and make a work of art out of them.

The above picture of Milo and myself was from that “photo session” where I was taking pictures of us together. The problem was I wanted Milo to wear the red stocking santa hat – but he wasn’t too fond of that and wouldn’t sit still or keep the hat on. I had to take a lot of pictures to get one of him with the hat on.

The above shot is NOT one of them. It’s an out take.

While it did not make the cut for the Christmas card – I did end up using it in other applications, most notably on the “who we be” page of Article Underground (who are these guys?).

And that’s the story of that pic of me and Milo.

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What’s on my mind today on this Easter Sunday?  The end… His train will leave on time.

Well, there is no easy way to say it BUT I had to make a difficult decision on late Friday afternoon and had to put my dog Milo to sleep.

Last Good Pic of Milo 3-31-10

While I knew he was not well since Tuesday March 30th when he started having trouble keeping food and water down. Despite that I didn’t realize it was as bad as it was.

On Friday April 2, 2010 after 3 days since Milo was still sick and could not keep water down – I took him to the vet again.

Tests revealed he was in really bad shape. He was suffering.

As the vet showed me the first set of tests I asked the vet “Is it reasonable to say this is the end?” and the vet said “Yes – it is.”

I was hit very hard and was not prepared for it.

Yes – he was sick, but for some reason I took Milo there thinking I’d be bringing him home with me.

It turned out things turned quickly and it was the end for Milo. 

I’ll write again soon after I can better organize my thoughts, but for now I will just say it was the right thing to do.

I’ll miss you Milo! You were a great friend!

> A Few Pictures of Milo <

This song has been in my head consistently strangely enough the past 2 days since he passed – it must be the song for Milo – it feels like it is… it’s His Train by Jason Falkner

“His train will leave on time”

Here are the lyrics and below that is a link to one of the services that offers free plays.


Ryan calls me, says “You’d better believe it, I got the bug, gotta get out with my brother
And so he comes down from the small town, says he’s gotta move out of the boonies someday
And I smile to hide a sorrow deep inside
Because I know that he’s leaving I’m just now believing he’s got to find his own way

His train will leave on time (4x)

He ties his shoelace as a grin consumes his face, we’re out again in the town with intentions
And we’re the ones who say it’s all in fun when it’s understood that no good can be found here
And we talk about girls, what brothers don’t talk about girls
And it was best Christopher Walkin, he says “Go out and get ’em”, guess who’s the protagonist

His train will leave on time (4x)

And he confides that he wants to be well but he’s always done well
We’re not worried about that

His train will leave on time (6x)

His Train by Jasn Falkner at LaLa

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