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The View from My Desk

I am fortunate that I live and work in Laguna Beach, California. I’ve been here for 2 years now! I work almost exclusively at home doing my internet marketing business thang. It was natural that I place my desk in the best possible spot of the house – to inspire me and motivate me to get down to business!

Being that I am an enthusiastic photographer and I take a lot of pictures, I have snapped many of them inside and around my house. I just ran across one I took last week from inside my house looking out towards the Pacific Ocean from my desk. The view from my desk.

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That’s where I do most of my work.

That’s Catalina in the background, around 26 miles from the coast. Also to the right you see the rocks by the Main Beach next to Laguna Village.

It’s a fantastic place to live and work! The weather is the best anywhere and we get a lot of nice sunsets! I’ll post some more pictures soon. The pictures also help to motivate me to work harder and make me realize how lucky I am!

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