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Hmmmm… this was rather an unexpected find – but a good one none the less…

I was looking at some WordPress themes I had just bought and it had a sample video – the Max Payne trailer – and the music was so good it prompted me to do a search on Google for Max Payne soundtrack mp3 and sure enough I found a page with a playlist from the soundtrack and it streams in high quality

Oddly enough the music reminds me a bit of Icehouse. An Aussie band that broke big in the USA about 10 years ago. Icehose cd’s always had a fair share of atmospheric haunting soundscapes and one cd of theirs in particular was great – it was mainly remixes – I forget the name – but of you ever get a chance to grab an Icehouse cd of remixes – I say give it a go!

note: I looked it up and sure enough I found the cd – it’s “Full Circle”

Icehouse has some other remx cd’s… those might be good too…

As for the music on the Max Payne page – not bad! Sometimes soundtrack music can be really boring – but this is perfect background music – not too ovewhelming for working. Give it a listen!

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Hey, I have a golden nugget for you – I hope it will get the inspirational and creative juices flowing!

I was excited to discover the TED Conference 2009 is here! It’s in Long Beach, California right now – but don’t think about going… it’s been sold out for years…

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) Conference.

I’ve written about TED in the past – in fact I previously gave links to the Anthony Robbins video from a past TED… (I’ll put that video link at the bottom of this – it’s one of those priceless videos so be sure to watch it – even if you’ve seen it!)

So what is the big deal about TED??? TED is a meeting of some the greatest minds! From all walks of life. Really!

If you are not familiar with it – let me tell you TED is a brilliant concept! Their slogan is “Ideas Worth Spreading”. It’s similar in concept to Twitter as in “less is more” – because they LIMIT their presenters to only 18 minutes! Let me tell you – it’s not easy for some of these brilliant minds to condense into 18 minutes all the thoughts and ideas they are having – but – that is part of what makes TED so great. The speakers jam cram their 18 minutes with profound stuff!

Wow… look who’s there this year! Tony Robbins, J.J. Abrams (LOST), Chris Anderson (Wired/Long Tail), Seth Godin, Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Bono (I know!), Richard Branson, Ray Kurzweil, Bill Clinton, Thomas Dolby (really? oh he’s the TED music director – cool!), Peter Gabriel, David Pogue, Al Gore among others… wow… the ultimate festival lineup!

You can see the complete list of the current 328 “presenters” at:
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