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Do You Know The Cause???

I’m not sure how I originally managed to find the TV Show “Know the Cause”, but I suspect it was using wishlists on my Tivo DVR.

 Often I will search shows with a keyword and I suspect I was doing so with “health”. Nonetheless about 2 weeks ago I found a bunch of shows on Directv for health, fitness etc.

One of them was a gem called “Know the The Cause” with Doug Kaufmann.

Doug is famous for saying this positive message:

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Isn’t that brilliant?

So – I found the show and for the past 2 weeks have been recording it and watching almost all of the episodes and it is a great show! It is filled with all kinds of helpful info that transcends the typical doctor medical health show focusing on medicine and such.

What is really unique about Doug and the show is their take on antibiotics and fungus. Doug authored books on this called the Fungus Link to Weight Loss, Diabetes etc.

Absolutely amazing stuff. I can really connect because back a few decades when I was in radio I acquired a serious problem… fatigue and such… it was so bad some days I would get really angry and overwhelmed at the simplest of things and it was hard to concentrate.

By a stroke of luck after a doctor failing to properly diagnose the white carpet on my tongue and prescribing – guess – antibiotics – he could not help me – fortunately I found a book on my own called Juicing for Life.

That book really changed my life. The author had a similar problem and traced it to a sugar inbalance and porr diet habits. Candidaiasis was what it was called and by going on an anti-fungal diet and focusing my efforts on healthy foods and eliminating alcohol and sugar and processed crap I was able to get this under control. Maybe even eliminated it… I was never sure… I still have a thing for sweets – so i suspect it comes back but never as bad as it once was…

Well, here we are and Doug Kaufmann is talking about the fungus link… it makes so much sense.
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