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Moving Day Pictures

Here are a few pictures from the move to my new house in Laguna Beach. It’s been a great experience so far!


My life is filled with chaos right now, but other than that it’s been terrific!

Link to: Pictures

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This post is about my first hand experience with visualizing success and the “power of intention”. Some think of this positive thinking stuff as voodoo or mumbo jumbo. Me, I know it works because my life is filled with examples of it.

Some say I am lucky…. Good things come to me…. Well, that may be true but I firmly believe I have created my own luck and have earned it!

Do you like sunshine???

Imagine living in a place that has on average 321 “very sunny” days each year!

Laguna Beach is that place!

After visualizing living in a home in Laguna Beach for some time now (almost 2 years) – I can actually say I now have the keys to an incredible house and am in the process of moving away from next door Newport Beach.

The house is perfect for me and exactly what I need in so many ways! I’m so excited!

 For those not familiar with Laguna Beach, it’s in Orange County and it sits right next to Newport Beach on the coast of Southern California. It’s a breathtakingly beautiful place that artists and creative people have been flocking to for years.

Laguna Beach reminds me of Hawaii in many ways – both the coast and the village. It’s just close enough to Los Angeles to be accessible, but far enough away to be cleaner and quieter than the cities closer to L.A.

You may know of Laguna Beach from the show on MTV. Laguna Beach the Real Orange County.

More on Laguna at:

My story… It’s a long story starting with my search for rental homes in Laguna Beach back almost 2 years ago. It’s nearly impossible to find a good rental house in Laguna. They all get snatched up immediately and the best ones are quite pricey.

I knew exactly what I wanted and also would not settle for less. I knew the exact geographic area I’d consider (needed to be with a 1/2 mile to the village) and the kind of house it would have to be. Not an easy task as I found out…

After looking for a year at rentals and not being able to snag a good one, I finally decided I would try to buy a house.

I knew this would be a challenge because it’s a very expensive place to buy a house and the supply is lower than the demand. Sure, it’d be easier to buy a house elsewhere, but Laguna Beach was magical and I knew it was the perfect place to live! Something just felt right about it.

So I started looking at homes. Initially I found a distressed property but fortunately I did NOT get that house. I made an offer but it was NOT meant to be.

Thank goodness because as it turned out I found another house that was incredible. I’ll spare the gory details but let’s just say it was a night and day difference. It was also almost double the price.

Pretty scary but I knew that house was made for me.

I loved it – made an offer – lost out to someone else.

They outbid me and I did not get it. 

Despite the other people getting the house, I always knew the place was made for me. I never felt I lost it. In fact I often visualized the house, the view, living in it and how great it would be to live in it.

Almost 2 months passed and I got a call from the agent for that house.

Sure enough, the other party was having problems getting the financing and they wanted to know if I was still interested…

Wow! I had just taken my sister to go look at it a few days earlier and saw the For Sale sign still up (it said sold). 

A week or so passed and even though we kept on them they told us the other party had the finacing after all. Oddly enough I knew that the deal was going to fall apart. I had a gut feeling I was still in the running.

Then a few weeks later, just before my planned trip to visit family for Christmas I got a call and they said the place was mine if I still wanted it.

The other party had trouble and the deal fell apart and they could not get financing. I had a second chance.

I delayed my trip a day and made an offer. Then over Christmas I could not think of hardly anything else other than how the house came back to me.

The day after Christmas I returned from my trip with family and found they accepted my offer. I was now in the process of making the deal happen!
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