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Day 15… It’s Wednesday, August 22nd and I thought I better give an update on my 13 day detoxification/cleansing/nutritional plan while all is fresh on my mind.

It’s over! My 13 day nutritional event ended 2 days ago on Monday morning.

When I weighed in I was at 194 lbs. That means in the 13 days I lost 8 pounds.

Oddly enough I woke up with sniffles. Gradually by night time it had blown up into a cold. A “summer cold” and was more an annoyance than a full blown cold. But I did have occasional sneezing attacks and a runny nose.

A friend suggested the “cold” may a part of the detox cleansing process… a way to blow out that excess muscous crap… hey, that may be true.

Since Monday morning when the “event” was officially over, I have still pretty much stayed on a sound and healthy diet with mostly whole foods – raw – uncooked and unprocessed with few exceptions.

The only exceptions or changes were that I had actual meals for dinner the past 2 evenings. Plus I resumed taking vitamins and juicing in the morning (it was water only before that).

I still had some lunch meat in my refrigerator from before the 13 day event and figured I may as well polish that off. So I bought some low carb tortillas and made wraps with some lettuce mix.

I used Vegenaise which is an incredible replacement for mayonaise and it tastes as good or better. Look for it in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. I found it at Ralphs by the lunchmeat. Great stuff if you like Mayo. Better than the light crap they sell which still is loaded with junk.

Other than that I did buy some Havea Tortilla chips and made home made guacamole and ate it along with my sandwich.
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Well, here it is Saturday, August 18, 2007. This morning when I weighed myself it was the 11th time in the 13 day nutritional program.

I have 2 more days and it ends on Monday the 2oth.

So far in the 11 days of eating only whole food and uncooked food I have lost 7 pounds. Oddly enough – this morning when I weighed myself I actually went up a pound.

It’s strange watching my weight fluctuate each day and sometimes it seems there is no rhyme or reason.

Some days it goes down a lot… a little… not at all and even go up.

Is it because of the avocado or the raw nuts??? But when I skip them it goes up??? No reason…

I weigh myself the same time each morning immediately after I wake up. That way it should be relative to each time I weigh myself.

I never did drop coffee 100% as I planned, however I am drinking a watered down 1/2 cup each day with nothing added. So if nothing else I have eliminated the non-dairy fake creamer I had been using (Hazelnut…hmmmm).

I’m not sure exactly how much I will keep eliminated after this Tuesday.

My basic thoughts are that I will basically keep on the same “non-processed foods” diet with the exception that I will eat out a few days each week for dinner.

Of course I’ll try to eat healthy foods, but I am already planning on a burger and Persian food so I know I’ll be eating cooked meat at least occasionally.

Most likely I will get back on this program within a week, as I’d like to drop 10 or more pounds.

While it’s only been 7 pounds so far I have had a few people ask if I lost weight, so it’s good to know my appearance is changing.

My goal is 20 to 30 pounds total so I still have 13 to 23 pounds to go before I am at the target weight of 172.

When I hit that I’ll be able to take a nice break and not worry so much about whether I am gaining or losing.
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Well, it’s Saturday which means this morning was the 4 day mark (5th day on plan). I weighed myself this morning and I am down to 198.5 from the 202 starting point.

I have been able to stick to the program 100% and have not had any cooked or processed food.

The only exception is coffee and it is so weak I barely can taste it! No headaches yesterday either, so maybe I am weaning myself off coffee!

I feel great and have not had any problems.
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Well, here I am on Friday morning, August 10th, 2007. It’s the beginning of my 4th day since starting the “13 day whole food nutritional event” on Tuesday.

I lost my first pound yesterday morning ( I weigh my self each morning after I get up) and another this morning. So I am down from my starting weight of 202 to 200. That’s 2 pounds in 3 days (technically the 3rd day was this morning and I am now in my 4th day).

My personal goal for the 13 days is 10 – 20 pounds. 10 would be nice – 20 would be great!

Plus I’ll keep on a modified whole food plan and hopefully continue to lose a few pounds after the 13 days!

I have been strictly following the program and have not had any cooked, processed food since Monday the day before I began.

The only exception is coffee which I have reduced drastically. So much in fact that yesterday afternoon I developed a slight headache that came and went sporadically. By night time it was pretty intense. I was very tempted to take an asiprin but resisted.
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Yesterday on August 7th, I began a whole new nutritional program. A “13 Day Nutritional Event”.

I’ve been studying raw food – whole food and have been meaning to get more committed to avoiding eating some of the junk I have regularly been putting in my body.

Raw Food – aka – Whole Food aka Live Food… it’s very misunderstood. At least when I talk to people about it, it is.

Maybe I have not found the proper approach. First off – “RAW” in itself makes most people take a step back and go ooouuuuwww. That’s why maybe it’s more appropriate to call it Whole Food. Whole Food Nutrition.

The general idea is to avoid food that are overly processed and/or filled with artificial ingredients…. taking it a step further the food we eat should ideally be LIVE in the sense that it contains the maximum amount of the nutritional benefits the food provides.

When food is cooked – it kills the good stuff. Enzymes among other things.

I’ll spare the long explanation as that deserves a full article on it’s own, but if you are interested in learning more about getting the most from the food you eat I suggest a great book by Carol Alt called “Eating in the Raw – a beginner’s guide to getting slimmer, feeling healthier, and looking younger the raw-food way”.

The book has an introduction by Nicholas J. Gonzales M.D. that explains it better than Ihave ever heard it explained before.

In a nutshell the good doctor goes on to provide proof and evidence that enzymes are perhaps among the most important factors in keeping us healthy. You really should get this book if nothing else just for the foreward as it will no doubt have a great impact on how you think about cooked processed foods.

The doctor states that at around 106-107 degrees enzymes in food begin deteriorating and that above 116 degrees they become “completely inactive”. As the doc points out so succinctly “that’s why fevers above 107 degrees F are generally deadly”.

Hmmm… that kind of puts things in perspective, but as I said I’ll spare the long story.

Let’s just say I have been doing a lot of research myself on nutrition and numerous books and studies make a great case that cooked foods and processed and refined foods are what is causing the upsurge in obesity and illness in the U.S.A. and around the world.
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Think Positive!

Hi, this is Mike Liebner and I want to thank you for visiting my blog “Positive Think Tank”!

I finally did it! A positive thinking blog! Well, that and all areas of “personal development”.

This blog has been a long time coming. In other words I really have wanted to do a blog with the self help, personal improvement, positive mind and body angle for a long time.

While I already have covered some positive thinking at my Internet Marketing Blog – this site will go beyond online business, and cover all areas of personal development.

My goal is to inspire you and help you find new ways of thinking and becoming the person you desire to be.

I’ll chronicle my own endeavors as well as write about how others are thinking and contributing to the self help movement. I’ll share my thoughts and feelings on what others say.
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